Reading with the Riversharks
presented by Sims Metal Management

Thanks to the efforts of educators across the Delaware Valley, the Reading with the Riversharks program – has reached more than 200,000 students, and we’re counting on your participation to make this year the most successful one yet!

One student’s drawing will be chosen to adorn the Reading with the Riversharks bookmarks, as well as reproduction in our Sharkbites playbill during the first home stand of the season. Please duplicate as many forms and entry forms as you need for those students interested. The students will win assemblies at their schools, along with tickets, a first pitch and Riversharks merchandise.

Upon receipt of your completed enrollment form and after the winning drawings are chosen, bookmarks will be provided to you free of charge for distribution to the children in your classroom, school or reading program. Program guidelines are provided on the back of each bookmark and are as follows: each student must read five books outside of his/her assigned reading program requirements. Once a student achieves this goal, completes the designated portion of the bookmark and gets signed approval by a teacher, parent or guardian, he/she then can redeem the lower portion of the bookmark for a
free ticket to the 2015 Reading with the Riversharks game..

If you have any questions feel free to call 1-866-SHARKS-9.