Best Baseball Teams in History

Best Baseball Teams in History

What are the Best Baseball Teams in History?

The baseball teams are best due to their great players. As far as history is concerned, there are several Major League Baseball teams that are appreciated by the world. Some of them are:

1. New York Yankees:


This team is playing baseball before 1903, including New York Highlanders, with 51 years of playoffs. New York Yankees won the World Series 18 times with a total score of 363.98. The revenue and operating income of the team in 2012 are $471 million and $1.4 million.

The team was involved in the postseason more than 40% since 1903 and won 25% of the World Series. In 2012, the revenue of the team was 40% more than the next closest team, i.e., Boston. The team still stood in the first place.

2. Boston Red Sox:


It is one of the top baseball teams that is playing before 1903, including Boston Americans. The total score of the team is 208.65, with an operating income of $23.9 million and revenue pf $336 million in 2012.

The Red Sox baseball team won 7 World Series and has become a favorite team across the world. It is ranked in fourth place in terms of revenue and World Series titles without Hall of Fame players.

3. Chicago Cubs:


The team has the most loyal fanbases and also become posted the highest operating income. In 2012, it was found that the team had the highest operating income of $32.1 million, with a revenue of $274 million.

The team had spent 16 years in playoffs and scored 206.04 in total. The Chicago Cubs won two World Series, and their 14 players ranked third in the Hall of Fame.

4. Arizona Diamondbacks:


Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team jumped on the baseball ground since 1998 and made five playoffs. In 2012, the operating income was $7.6 million, and revenue was $195 million. The total score of the team was 187.58 and won the World Series Title only one time.

The team has no Hall of Fame players and below-average financial situation. Even though it ranked in the seventh place in the most heavily weighted categories. Indeed, there is no long history of this baseball team, but with time, it has become comparable to some of the best baseball teams.

5. San Francisco Giants:


The Giants won two World Series titles in the past three years. The team franchise since 1903 including New York Giants. The team was indulged in 24 years of playoffs and won seven World Series with a total score of 232.79.

In 2012, the operating income was $17.6 million, and revenue was $262 million. They had 24 Hall of Fame players as their team’s huge factor. The fans of the team loudly cheered for them in the baseball ground. It is one of the highly appreciated teams across the world.

6. St. Louis Cardinals:


It is another strong baseball team after New York Yankees which ranked at the second place in an average farm system. The team has won 11 World Series titles with 14 Hall of Fame players. The operating income was $19.9 million, and revenue was $239 in 2012.

St. Louis team is one of the most storied franchises in baseball history. The team is ancient, with a huge number of fans. People like to watch the game of their favorite players. One thing is amazing about the Cardinals that it didn’t finish in the second place.

7. Oakland Athletics:


The playoff history of Oakland is mind-blowing, i.e., 24. The team has made the playoffs 16 times since 1971, which is quite great. In 2012, the operating income was $27.5 million, and revenue was $173 million.

The team had 12 Hall of Fame players and was famous due to its total score of 203.30 and nine winning World Series Titles. The Oakland Athletics had done more in the history within less budget over the past 15 years.

8. Atlanta Braves:


The team was licensed since 1903, including Milwaukee Braves, Boston Braves, and many teams in Boston. The recorded playoffs of the team are 22 and had won three World Series. They have included ten players in the Hall of Fame. in 2012, the revenue of the team was $225 million, and operating income was $12.4 million.

They made their playoffs in 14 consecutive years. The team got success and even has many fans across the world. Many famous players like Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, etc., played baseball for the team. The total score of the team is 170.68, which is also not bad.

9. Baltimore Orioles:

The Orioles placed at the second position in operating income among other baseball teams. The team won three World Series titles with 12 playoff years. The team does not have much great history but is famous worldwide. In the nine years from 1966 to 1974, they had 12 playoff appearances in the past 29 years.

They have a few Hall of Frames players as compared to other teams. The business side of the franchise is thriving and has boosted to 12th place. The total score of the team is 150.36, with an average farm rank system of 19.0.

10. Cleveland Indians:


The number of Hall of players of this team is more than playoff years. The Hall of Fame players is almost responsible for the average farm system rank, i.e., 18.5. The team has won two World Series Titles.

According to the 2012 records, the operating income of the team was $22.9 million, and revenue is $186 million. The total score of the team is 145.57.

Final Thoughts

There are more than ten best baseball teams in history that have played and scored well. Considered teams won many World Series titles and are ranked higher as compared to other teams. People across the world appreciate and love baseball players of these teams, which makes them famous for their whole life.