Best Batting Tees

You don't have to spend time searching from the numerous tees in the market, this guide has narrowed down the best batting tees for you to choose from.

Baseball and softball involve accuracy, game plan; and most essential of all is the fact that athleticism does not come out victorious always. 

Due to this and also as a result of its century-old tradition, they still are very preferred in the United States and some other countries.

Best Batting Tees

In the United States, the 'tee-ball' leagues are meant for the youngest group of baseball players. Tee-ball is a sport that incorporates almost every rule in baseball, but a batter can only bat from the tee when they find it difficult to hit the ball in a given number of pitches, they are then given the green-light to hit from the tee.

There are certain features a good tee must have. Durability is one of the most important features as young kids will have to use the tee for a very long time and serve several hits.  

These days, batting tees of high performance are available, which are adaptable and also last long. Let's talk about the best batting tees for you to choose from.

Top 5 Best Batting Tees


TANNER TEE the ORIGINAL | Premium Baseball/Softball Batting Tee w/ Tanner Original Base, Patented Hand-rolled FlexTop, and Easy Height Adjustments for Ages 9 & up, Metal/Black, Adjustable Height: 26' - 43' (TT001)

Most professional players choose the Tanner Heavy Batting tee mainly because of its durability. Apart from baseball players, slow pitch, and softball players like that it doesn't roll off after being hit. 

With a base weighing 10 pounds, this bat meets the ground at three points that keep it stable if you keep it on flat surfaces like the home plate. A telescopic height adjuster is attached to the solid steel frame so that your ball can hit various parts of the strike zone and improve your playing skills. 

Another amazing thing is that you can switch the stem of this tee with your previous Tanner made tees. This Tanner tee is just the same as the original it has an additional 10 pounds base, the other size options are the same. So, this means you can replace it with the Original Tee.

The hitter is able to view most of the white plate when he swings the hitter without facing a faded square due to the Tee's base. It is best to use this for tees that are at a fixed point. 


  • Easy to handle
  • Players with high aspirations can find it useful
  • Durability is top-notch


  • The price is on the high side
  • Not suitable for very young players


Jugs T - Pro Style Batting Tee, Will Not Tip Over, 24” - 46” Adjustment Range for High and Low Tee Drills, Patented Grip-N-Go Handle, Always-Feel-The-Ball Flexible Top, 1-Year Guarantee

Jugs have been popular for a while in the pitching machine world. Actually, they are the number one selling company that deals with pitching machines worldwide. The Jugs Tee appears to resemble the Atec Professional T3 and the Tanner tee. 

The tee can be adjusted from 24" to 46" inches so that hitters in the strike zone can improve their mechanics. 

The Jugs T claims that having a total weight of 10lbs means that no extra accessories are needed to keep the tee in place on the ground. This tee is better than most others because it comes with a built-in handle for carriage and easy transportation.

The quality of the JUGS T is not questionable as they are known for producing quality sports gear. In terms of quality, anything from JUGS will be rock solid. This is a highly long-lasting pro-style tee. 

The base is a combination of steel and rubber coating. That contributes to the 10 pounds weight of the tee.

A huge advantage with this tee is that it folds into itself, which makes it more portable than most of the other tees in the market. The compact stem can be loosed from the base for easy storage. The interlocking Bolt design by JUGS has been patented and they claim it stops the upper stem from slipping. The NEW JUGS T tee can be swiftly amended between 24 and 26 inches.


  • High durability and stability
  • Very portable
  • Do not need the extra weight


  • Unstable price may cause issues
  • Younger and more energetic players can not use it


MacGregor Batting Tee

This is one of the highly recommended batting tees which has a solid metal base. Both coaches and players use this tee. This product's rubber is long-lasting and it can serve you for years. 

The tube is adjustable and also good for newbies. This is one of the best and most affordable softball, baseball, and t ball tee. Coaches can customize drills and improve field practice for their students with the McGregor tee. T

This adjustable batting tee is recommended for kid players above seven years of age, and not professionals. 


  • Moderate price
  • Long-lasting batting tee with fine rubber and strong metal base 
  • Adjustable for all heights
  • Easy to move about


  • The tip of the tee is uncomfortable for huge players


Muhl Tech Advanced Skills Batting Tee

If your desire is to find a tee that can improve your swing mechanics and ball hitting accuracy, this model can help you out. 

It is specially designed, with features that other tees do not have. All its features are important in building skills and enhancing a player's performance. Using this tee for your training is superb.

The Muhl Tee comes with a forward arm to avoid dipping. Whenever you bring your hands lower to form a looping swing, the end result is hitting the arm's back. It causes you to level your swings whenever you want to hit the ball. With time you learn how to swing properly and boost your performance.

There is also an outside barrier that stops you from extending your bat in excess during a swing. As a result, you become familiar with tight swings, the ones that are essential when you play real games. 

The tight swings are also bound to be filled with more energy. This tee is also simple to assemble and dismantle, so you need not bother with the setup. To elongate its lifespan, it's made from tough materials. There won't be a need for a new one for a long time. 


  • Polycarbonate long-lasting tubing
  • Unique design, forearm equipped
  • Heavy base for improved stability 
  • Rookies and Professionals baseball players can make use of it.


  • It isn't very portable


ATEC T3 Professional Batting Tee, Black/Silver , 23'' - 43'' Height Range

The Atec T3 is not difficult to practice with. It possesses a simple design but with superb qualities that enhance your skills. The tee also lasts, and you won't have to dispose of early enough. It is fashioned out of materials that are damage resistant to give you a durable tee. 

The Tee is portable due to its almost weightless aluminum stem. The material also aids its durability to make the money spent on buying worth it. You will rehearse with it for a long time that there becomes a possibility of you passing it on to another beginner. 

A slip resisting construction is fitted to the stem. This great design for the inner structure of the stem keeps the tiers fixed to a point when you hit the ball. This tee has a base with enough weight that can give it stability. 

This is of great need to you as it reduces the interruptions during training. Uncoupling the base from the stem is easy when you want to uncouple the tee for storage or transportation. What you have to do is only undo the T-screw, and the base comes off in the snap of a finger.


  • The weighty base for improved stability
  • Telescopic design simplifies changing ball-height 
  • Strong materials and construction for an extended life
  • Easy to assemble and uncouple


  • Made especially for advanced players. 

Best Batting Tees Buying Guide

Imagine this: you are preparing for batting rehearsals. You are ready to face your game, you settle into the zone, and you're prepared to hit them out of the park. You move to the cage with your batting tee, prepare for five minutes, and swing - your first time. 

You connect – but you lose the spark in the hit when your tee falls over. Next five minutes, you're prepared to make another move. And then the worst happens- your tee breaks.

It is important you buy a new tee. You should not be making the same mistake a second time. Make a better choice by checking out these factors first.

Low, Heavy Center of Gravity

What keeps your batting tee static? A stable tripod design just like the one that ARMD batting tee provides, offers improved stability. Its strong quality is improved by the heavy galvanized base ring located low, just above but not having contact with the home plate. 

The rubber-coated, sturdy industrial legs and feet that have rubber coating are made to always stay tight on the exterior. Over the home plate,  you can be sure of maintaining an even distribution of weight. For many players, this is better  than a tee that has a flat base and can be usually found stretching above the home plate's edge. 

The stability of the tee is increased due to the flat setup and it even makes it possible to use the custom stakes if they're necessary. 

The upper part of the tee is not stiff and because the components are made from string weightless aluminum, the weight in the upper section is reduced and there is fewer tip over.

Sturdy Materials 

If it fashioned out of brittle materials, don't be amazed when it breaks. Inferior rubber splits and most times it melts, and rubber bases are likely to tip. Rubber feet are good for keeping your batting tee positioned, but structural components should be composed of materials like galvanized metal, stainless steel, and aluminum to extend the outdoor use. 

Your hitting tee wouldn't have a short life span and has less brittle possibilities. Many moveable tees use filmy plastic parts or connections for the sole aim of locking the tee into position. These are mostly the first pieces to get damaged. 

Coaches must have seen cases of Tees breaking at the "stem", especially when the batting tee is attached at the cone or to the base. 

The ARMD tee has recreated both. They have built a metal collar which is nearly indestructible at the base and a cone in which design has been changed totally and is smooth to hit off, placed in the places prone to wear and tear.

Adjustable Height

It is important to have an adjustable batting tee. Besides, all the pitch won't be moving towards you at precisely the same height. There should be an option for remaking your batting tee so that you can learn how to cover every part of the strike zone. 

But be very careful because you're eventually going to get what you pay for.  Very cheap batting tees are basically made of low-quality materials, but you are going to be unaware of how bad the product is until the drag-adjustment breaks and you now have to deal with a batting tee that will not amend. 

Good tees harness a double plunger ring, that allows it to slip into place easily yet remain its original place when it should. 


What is it like to pack up your batting tee and go? Easy or not? When a batting tee is stretched to its maximum size it can be up to 4 four feet, but I'm sure you don't want to drag that everywhere. Find out if there's a condensable hitting tee. 

Make sure you choose a batting tee that has quick locking and upright detachment. Find out tees that do not have plastic tighteners that can wear out or break and make sure there is stainless steel on every leg, with a self-lock fitting and no buttons or fastener. 

This kind of tee only needs you to fix the uprights and push the three legs weakly and your tee is folded and prepared for transport. You don't have to buy a big batting tee when you don't use it. 


This can be placed on the same pedestal as portability. It is important to note that bulkier or heavier doesn't translate to better. Although rubber has more weight than aluminum or polycarbonate, making a batting tee with it will not be a good idea. 

A good batting tee of about 6.3 pounds should be able to work well at any rehearsal because you can easily dismantle it and fast too so you will have more time to do your actual rehearsals. 

The cone of the tee will not break especially as plastics and tighteners are absent.

How can you get the right hitting tee? One of the biggest hindrances to buying high-quality equipment is that there is no way for you to open and test it out before you buy it. 

Things may look good on the internet but as soon as it leaves the package it falls apart. Your best bet of knowing the kind of quality you're buying is when you go to a sports store.

Best Batting Tee Buying Guide: The FAQs

What is a Batting Tee?

A batting tee is simply defined as a baseball training aid that permits hitters to improve their hitting in the absence of a pitcher. Set the tee to the height of your choice and place your softball or baseball on the rest. Your focus should be on making a swing path that gives you a line drive.

What does a Batting average mean?

The batting average(BA) in baseball is determined by the number of hits divided at-bats. It is regularly reported to three decimal places and it is read leaving out the decimal. 

What height should a baseball tee be?

The tee should be amended to the player so that the top of the belt is the same level as the tee-ball. When a batting tee is at belt height together with a good weight transfer, the right stance, and back pivot, it helps to create a chance for the development of the swing mechanics.

How do I practice delivery at home?

You can improve your batting at home with various options: To try playing short-pitched deliveries give yourself a distance of 3 meters away from the wall; Use the bed as the pitch for playing swinging delivery; Throw a sponge ball to it and try pulling and hooking. 

How can I improve my offside Batting?

The off stump should be covered by the movement of your foot. Also, keep the ball within or close to the off stump line. Don't go into the ball delivery with a predetermined mind and don't settle for a position to hit the shot when you haven't started. You can take your bat and practice anywhere you are that's convenient.


Choosing one from the best batting tees must be quite tedious, however, it is something that you may need to do at some point during your sporting life. We believe that this guide will help you narrow down your choices.