Can Baseball Cards be Recycled?


People from the late 1980s and 1990s were avid baseball card collectors. They sell their vintage baseball card collections from their childhood. But can baseball cards be recycled?

Can Baseball Cards be Recycled?

Baseball cards can be recycled and reused as crafts for decoration. They could be an investment and would worth a lot of money. You can make a lot of crafts like cards collar, table-cover, wall hanging, and different types of showpieces.

How Can Baseball Cards be Recycled?

  1. Toyhouse: Old cards lose its glossy finish with time. They are destined for the garbage or the recycling box. You can use simple stacking techniques and glue to make a toyhouse out of baseball cards. It might look unstable, but after sticking it, that will be able to support small toys.
  2. Valentine’s Day Garland: Holiday-themed garland is suitable for any occasion, but these valentine’s day themed garland is slightly “punny” for the big fans of this day. You can collect all the cards and string them along some ribbon or crafting string. You can also cut heart shapes and string them in between and gift it to your partner, who is a fan of baseball.
  3. Las Vegas Themed Bouquet: If you as a bride and a big fan of baseball have headed to Las Vegas for your bachelorette party, then you can use these props to complement with your dress and accessories. The bouquet features dice and Baseball cards between the roses. Itis the perfect way to reuse these baseball cards.
  4. Hairpin: You can also make some little blossoms using pieces cut from the baseball cards and stick them onto bobby pins. Next time, when you go to a themed party or a games night, you will have your personalized accessory.
  5. Rolled up Card Flowers: You can make another type of flower using baseball cards by rolling them into cylinders. It will look amazing as a hairpiece, a centerpiece on the table, or with a bunch of other card flowers like a faux bouquet in the poker night.
  6. Baseball Card ThemedGift Wrap: You can give your friend a gift on his birthday by embellishing the top of the present with old baseball cards. You can stick out from a bow like a novelty gift topper.
  7. Flower Centerpiece: You can stick out the Baseball cards among the flowers and embellish the vase with your fan card.
  8. Accordion Books: You can turn two playing cards into the front and back cover of the tiny notebooks. You can fold a single length of paper like an accordion and sandwich between the two cards.
  9. Ribbon Tags: You can also turn them into ribbon tags using a hole punch. You can use these tags using gift tags or drink markers.
  10. Business Card Holder: You can use a few old cards into a folding wallet that has vintage pictures of players, to hold business cards and gift cards.
  11. Bracelet: You can be rather interested in this origami bangle by folding the old baseball cards.
  12. Pendant Light: It is the project that takes more time and dedication. It is made with the old cards. You can use a low heat bulb inside if you are done to keep things safe.

What Can We Do with Baseball Cards Other than Recycling?

  1. Donate: You can call your close friends, or boys and girls club or an organization of summer camp. You can deliver or hand over to them. You can seek out organizations that might want cards and other sports collectibles so that they can give to those who want them.
  2. Put Them on Sale: You can also put old baseball cards on sale in the garage or yard. The serious collectors will surely approach. You can also find some flea market dealers or low budget collectors to buy your collections.
  3. List Them in OnlineClassifieds: You can list your baseball cards in online classifieds like eBay where you can get buyers’ calls very easily. You can make more money by saving time and save yourself from the hassle of holding a garage sale.
  4. Give Them to Friends or Neighbors: You can ask your friends and group of young people who live nearby if they want them or not.
  5. Advertise Them in the Newspaper: You can grab a cheap classified ad, and see how many people are getting interested in your collections.
  6. Barter: These are local sites that are specialized in bartering where you can offer your cards to someone. It is an excellent way to save money and sell your sports cards at the same time.
  7. Package Them and GiveAway at Halloween: Instead of giving mountain of candies, you can provide a pack of 25 baseball cards.
  8. Use Them in Art Projects: You can do some art projects with baseball cards.
  9. Save Them: You can also save them instead of selling or donating.

What are the Types of Baseball Cards that Can be Recycled?

  1. Pre-War Baseball Cards: These cards were printed before world war II. These cards were known for their smaller sizes, beautiful artwork and reverse sides that were featured with the advertisements of tobacco or candy companies. Cards of Hall of Famers and Stars if in good shape and condition, can be worth thousands of dollars. Standard cards are also worth significant money depending upon the card.
  2. Vintage Baseball Cards: It is the most vintage set of all times is the 1952 Topps set. Mickey Mantle card was the most valuable card of this set.
  3. Modern Baseball Cards: At this time, the card manufacturers began to print a large number of cards. Several companies rushed to print the cards to keep up with demand. Sadly, 100% of the cards in this era are worthless.

Final Thoughts

The value of baseball cards plummeted over the past decade as that was the market flooded with cards. After some time, can baseball cards be recycled? Yes, it can be recycled and reused in various decor crafts.