How does baseball help your health?

What are the health benefits of playing baseball?

If you’re considering including some vigorous exercise into your daily routine and lifestyle, baseball is a great option for a workout, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention when asked “how does baseball help your health”  they stated that baseball is not just an exercise that is great for your heart, it is also a highly recommended total body workout that targets an array of muscles.

Baseball is a strength exercise that is particularly favorable to your arms, legs, and thighs and there are more ways in which baseball can help your health, according to the American Heart Association baseball promotes healthy hand and eye coordination and helps develop reaction skills.

How does baseball help your health?

Strong legs

Playing baseball means that you’re able to target all the major muscle groups in your legs. Playing Baseball helps strengthen your hamstrings, glutes, calves and quadriceps. This is mainly due to the squatting and running involved in the game.

Running is not just a recommended cardiovascular it is ideal to tone up your muscles and make your legs strong.

How does baseball help your health

Cardiovascular Training

We all know that cardio is great for your heart, a lot of fitness trainers claim that if you want to avoid an early heart attack the key is to run, running improves your heart muscles and your lung capacity.

Baseball involves a lot of running around on the field. You must run to touch base and the  fielders are running to catch the ball.

Strong arms

Playing baseball is a great workout for your arms, there is a lot of usage of the arms whilst playing baseball , throwing the ball, catching the ball. This is a great way to strengthen you arms and improve the flexibility of your joints. 

You use all your arm muscles when playing, you can build great triceps and biceps with this game and even make your chest stronger.

Burn Calories

If you want to lose the extra pounds, baseball is an effective workout that can help you burn the extra calories, a single game of baseball can burn approximately 500=800 calories.

The game requires a lot of running and walking that can speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight, sports is a great way to burn calories and baseball is a sport that requires a lot of physical activity and minimum standing stationary.

Relieve stress with baseball

According to research if you are suffering from depression sports is a recommended way to relieve yourself of depression symptoms, studies show that those people who indulge in daily exercise or some sort of sport.

Baseball also helps concentrate, in fact, students who are not performing well in school tend to do better when they participate in sports.

Stay fit

Those who play baseball have physiques that are leaner and toned up. Their body fat percentage is lower compared to those who do not play a sport. Baseball players are also able to run more as they have higher stamina.

Improves hand-eye coordination

Baseball is a game that is taught from a young age, even three-year-olds are encouraged to play sports because it rapidly improves hand and eye coordination. This is a skill that needs developing in younger children.

Makes the mind sharp

Baseball helps enhance your reflex and allows you to make decisions in split seconds the whole game revolves around making quick decisions which is good to make the mind sharp and keeps one alert.

Final Thoughts

So, how does baseball help your health? The answer is in more ways than we can imagine, baseball improves our heart, strengthens our muscles, improves our hand and eye coordination, tones up our body. It is a sport recommended for all ages and is especially encouraged amongst kids.