How to motivate youth baseball players

Being a coach of young baseballers can be a challenging task. Finding the right mix of encouragement and passion is a hard mix, as it is in any youth sport. As a coach, finding how to motivate youth baseball players will help bring the best out in young players.

Believe in the game.

When it comes to sports and players there’s always a big concern with youth teams. Whether it’s the kid’s performance or his motivation for actually playing baseball.

Both parents and coaches must find a way to keep players excited for playing with kind words, knowledge, and patience. And not with screams and humiliation that only will lead him to tension and resignations.

Hope can lead to confidence and confidence can lead to motivation and success. Young players sometimes do not start in a sport because they want to and this can represent a major setback in the kid’s progress.

How to motivate youth baseball players

How to motivate youth baseball players

Always keep in mind that these are just kids and don’t always become successful right away.

In the meantime parents alongside coaches will need to inspire the players with interest in the sport he’s playing. For example, going to the stadium so they can watch professional players playing the same game could encourage him to be in that field someday.

The impact of watching the pros

After experiencing this the child could find extra motivation, at a certain level that he will watch all the games he could whether by television or in person. He would also find a favorite baseball player that will serve as a role model to him for the future.

No matter how old a person is, if you tell them they are doing something wrong in a bad way, the result can’t be good. So it doesn’t care how expert you think you are, they are kids whose only goal is to have fun playing the sport they like.

So when you would like to give them a tip or advice, you should do it with the most positive and comprehensive way possible.

Always remember that kids at a shortage don’t quite understand math very well, so the only meaning they will give to statistics is whether they are good or not in a game or series of games. You as a parent or as a youth baseball coach must protect the players from feeling important to the team.

Maybe for you, baseball is the only way that could get your child in social groups. Or maybe it’s the only way to get into a college thanks to a scholarship, that’s for you, an already mature person. But for them, the first motivation they had is to winning and winning games.

Whenever you think your kid is going through a bad moment or a slump, try to help him with all the advice you could have, but a better choice is that someone the kids respect and admire helps him with the adjustment he needs to do.

The who it really doesn’t matter, the only thing it matters is that the kid has strong confidence and strong mental health.

Every time you think your kid is losing motivation or faith in the game, try to watch with him inspirational real-life movies that would encourage him to retake the motivation and start once again.

The strongest advice you should always keep telling your kids is that without practice, consistency, dedication, and determination there is no way he could reach success, that he won’t fulfil his dreams of becoming the player he likes to watch every weekend on television.

Future plans

Once they are growing older you must teach them how to live without your constant support, that they are becoming grown men who need to be motivated by their own.

Of course, you have to make them sure that no matter what you’ll be by his side, facing every obstacle, reaching new levels and having new experiences. 

Doing this when they are young baseball players will create a future dedication to this sport and for everything he loves. At some point that he won’t need you as his principal source of motivation, because they find a way to not depend on others.

Final Thoughts

As kids, we normally need a person who keeps motivating us until we could find that motivation on our own. You have learned almost everything you needed to learn about how to motivate your son so he can play the sport he wants.

Start practising these tips and we assure you that in a short period of time you’ll notice that your kid will gain a greater level of confidence.

To the kids who also are reading this, remember there isn’t a better motivation that someone tells you that you can’t achieve something.