How to start a travel softball team?

If you want to start a travel softball team, there are few things that you need to consider if you want to get it off the ground.

This guide will go into detail about the things you should consider as well as some tips and tricks for getting a travel softball team together.

What do I need for a travel softball team?

Here is a list of things you will need for a travel softball team, or things that you should definitely consider heavily.

  • A softball team of between 10-12 players, there should be around 3 pitchers and 2 catchers.
  • Uniforms for the players to wear.
  • Uniforms for the coaches too.
  • Coaches: there should be 3 coaches at least.
  • Insurance: this is very important for the safety of playing games and also travel.
  • An area that your team can practice at, as well as a place suitable for try-outs.
  • A solid and deep understanding of the rules of the game.
  • Sponsors: this is important for the funding of your team and being able to afford all of the things listed above.
  • A website: this is not a necessity, but your team will definitely benefit from a website, since potential sponsors will be more likely to invest if they see you are professional.
  • Social media: this is similar to the website; you need to be present on social media so that people are kept up to date with your team’s whereabouts and upcoming games.

How can I find players for my travel softball team?

A lot of teams will begin finding players with try outs. The only way that people will see these try outs is if you are committed to the advertisement of your team.

This is where the website and your social media accounts will come in. You may also need to hire a professional social media manager for your team in order to get the angle of your team’s social media just right and get the best outreach.

You can advertise your try outs on the social media accounts you create. And even advertise specifically for certain types of players that you are lacking on your team when it starts up.

How to start a travel softball team

How can I find coaches?

This is similar to the way that you will find team players, but you will more than likely be the head coach if you are starting a team, so you get to decide who the other two coaches are.

These can be anyone that is an adult and can potentially be related in some way to a team member. Speaking of relatives, you will also need to gather a small group of parents that can do the book and keep the stats together for the team.

This would work well for a team struggling with sponsors or money at the beginning, since a team of parents could volunteer.

How do I navigate the fees for the players?

When you are setting up a travel softball team, you need to consider the fees for the players. These should be clear from the start so that parents of the players, no matter what the age group of the team is, can feel that you are being transparent.

The fees that the players pay will have to go on towards the cost of the practice field that you use, as well as an indoor area for practice in the months when you cannot practice outside.

Usually, a travel softball team will be around $1000 per player since this would cover the cost of all the things like the practice areas and coaches’ wages. Wages for coaches may not be a thing until you are an established team, so be prepared for that.

What are the travel expenses like?

There are a few things you need to consider when it comes to the cost of travel for a softball team. The costs will include hotel nights for the whole team, coaches and potentially parents.

It will also include travel costs like a bus that you could hire or public transport to your destination of the next game. You need to be upfront about the cost that the parents will have to contribute, since a tournament could cost around $1000 dollars in travel expenses alone.

Are there other ways to get money?

The main two ways to get money for your travel softball team are:

  • Sponsorships: these are awarded through good performance and can also be stumbled upon if your advertisement on social media is up to scratch.
  • Fundraisers: these are a more hands-on kind of income. The team players, parents and even the coaches can pool together to set up an event that people have to pay to attend, then all of the profits can go to the travel expenses or to other things for the team like the cost of uniforms or equipment for practice.


There are a lot of things to consider if you are thinking of setting up a travel softball team. The most important thing when setting up a team now is to be present on social media, as well as finding ways to fundraise for your team.

Be sure to be upfront about the costs that parents will have to invest in their child’s team.