The 10 Best Baseball Bags That’ll Make your Next At Bat Easier

Baseball equipment can get pretty bulky. Once you’ve got your bat, glove, helmet and uniform there’s too much to carry all at once.

Getting your hands on a decent carry bag is important and can save you a bunch of headaches throughout the season. In this article, we’ll go over our choice of the best baseball bags.

In this article, we’ll go over our choice of the best baseball bags.

Top 5 Best Best Baseball Bags


EASTON WALK-OFF IV Bat & Equipment Backpack Bag, Black

Easton’s Walk-off IV Baseball Bag is another backpack and is also Eason’s top-rated bag.

First up, there are a bunch of color choices to choose from. Me, I like the plain old black look. If that’s not your style though, you can choose a wide range of colors and accents.

There are sleeves both sides of the bag that are large enough to keep multiple baseball bats in place. At the bottom of both of the sleeves, there’s a smaller zipper pocket designed to hold your little bits and pieces; think phone and your keys.

Along with that though, you’ll also find a pocket for your cleats or shoes and an even smaller pocket for your batting gloves. I love all the little zip pockets as I hate having to sort through my big bag to find all my small pieces of equipment.

For me, what separates this bag is the way it accommodates your batting helmet. Rather than fitting it in your bag, you can clip it to a small harness on the outside. The harness is secure and easy to use.

This means you can clip your helmet away between at-bats and you’ll have more room in your bag for your larger equipment. You also won’t have your helmet digging into your back as you carry your bag around.

The only thing I don’t love about this bag is that it’s missing a dugout hook.


Athletico Baseball Bat Bag - Backpack for Baseball, T-Ball & Softball Equipment & Gear for Youth and Adults | Holds Bat, Helmet, Glove, Shoes | Separate Shoe Compartment, Fence Hook (Black)

Large enough for both youth and adult baseballers, Athletico’s baseball bag comes in a large range of colors.

From black with bright red trims, to a happy pink, there’s a color to suit everyone. There’s even a pink camo print.

Even though this bag is a backpack, and there’s a lot of room for all your gear.

The main storage compartment is big enough to hold batting gloves, cap, helmet, cleats, and a catching glove. It can carry two baseball bats in the side pockets, and there’s a separate compartment for your shoes.

There are smaller pockets too, so you won’t have to rummage around for your keys, phone or wallet.

The straps are padded, and the bag comes with protection for your back. So the bag is always comfortable to wear, even when it’s packed full.

It’s made of 600 denier Oxford fabric made with polyester, with ventilation to stop all those gross smells.

Athletico says the bag doesn’t break easily, and they’re confident enough to offer a money-back guarantee if the bag breaks.

For the price you pay, this bag is a winner.


EASTON E110BP Bat & Equipment Backpack Bag, Orange

The Easton E110BP Bat Pack is popular for its idea of the distinctive design of a rucksack. What makes it truly amazing and different is its 2-angled pockets that are contrasting on the front’s fabric.

For players who are style-conscious, the design of snow camo can be the best recommendation. If you are looking for a more girly design, then you can go with the Blurple version. You can choose any design and be sure that you will get the best feel. The E1108BP Bat Pack offers a number of designs that can certainly fit in your style requirement. Let’s have a look at their best features.

There is a pretty large main compartment that offers plenty of room, which can be used to keep balls, mitts, helmet, gloves, and clothes. In addition to that, there are also sleeve on either side, which is big enough to carry easily or safely 2 bats. Further, the dirty shoes can be kept in separate compartments; these compartments are big enough to even fit 13 cleats of man’s size.

However, there is one thing that you should remember – when you will be filling the shoe compartment, you will be using the main section’s space. Therefore, if you are carrying any equipment, or big cleats, then the E1108BP Bat Pack may not prove to be the best choice.

For convenience, there is a dugout hook and the fabric is tough too, which can make sure it lasts over one season at least. To ensure comfort and better convenience, it comes with a lot of padding on its shoulder straps that can offer better comfort even when you have filled it to its brim.

Therefore, to summarize – the E1108BP can prove to be an ideal bag for the T-ball players or for 7 to 8 years old kids. There are bigger options available that will work better in cases of older players.


FAVORGEAR Baseball Bag, Backpack for Baseball T-Ball Softball Basketball, Sports Equipments Bags for Kids, Youth, and Adults - Fits Bats, Helmet, Batting Gloves - Vented Shoe Compartment, Fence Hook

The baseball bags from FavorGear is not the flashiest bag available on the market, but it definitely is a reasonable or economical choice that comes with a lot of features.

The FavorGear baseball bags are available in just one color – black. It is well made with polyester and 600 denier Oxford fabric. This combination makes the bags strong but lightweight at the same time. It comes with 2 robust metal zippers, which are on the bag’s main compartment. There are also extra bar-tacks that can be very helpful whenever the stress falls on the seams. It can also make sure that the bag can be lost longer and can offer better durability.

The FavorGear is great when it is about the size. For a young player, it is of great size. The primary compartment of the bag can easily accommodate a softball, baseball, two mitts with enough room for a helmet. Then there is the lower compartment, which is designed mainly for your dirty shoes. You can also fit used kits in the lower compartment too. Besides these, there are also sleeves on both sides of the bag that can fit in two bats safe and secure.

You will also see a compact zipped pocket, which is perfect for keeping wallets, keys, or mobile phone. The zipped pocket is big enough to even hold your gloves.

As compared to many backpacks that are available today. The FavorGame baseball bags are cheaper with many good features. For instance, like many renowned brands, it offers good padding on the straps and the lumbar region. Therefore, you can carry the bag comfortably even when it is full.

To summarize, the FavorGear bags are not the showiest baseball bag of the world, but it is a very good option for price and quality.


Boombah Rolling Superpack Baseball / Softball Gear Bag - 23-1/2' x 13-1/2' x 9-1/2' - Camo Black/Gray - Telescopic Handle and Holds 4 Bats - Wheeled Version

If you are into rolling backs to backpacks, you must check out the Boombah’s Superpack. Their more than 40 colorways will blow away and amaze you. The fan-favorite choices are the Vegas gold combo and the classy navy.

The best feature of the rolling design is that you do not have to carry or lift a heavy bag straining your shoulders and body. These bags also offer more space compared to many backpacks. These bags are fully capable of holding 4 baseball bats. In addition to these, there are also 2 re-enforced J-hooks, which will let you hang it on dugout fences.

The bags’ primary section comprises a sturdy divider, which is attached to the Velcro. You can use it in creating a completely separate section that will offer front access. It can prove to be a very great place that can be used for storing dirty kit or shoes.

Alternatively, you can also fold the divider and get it out of the way to create a single space that is larger comparatively. When you fold the divider, you will create a space big enough to fit 2 adult gloves, a youth glove, a helmet, and the fielding mask. Additionally, you can also fit in at least 15 softballs and a few thin rubber bases as well.

Some of the rolling bags come with straps too, but this one does not. You will just have to drag the bag along. It gets tougher in the muddy terrain. However, on a brighter side, these bags’ heavy-duty wheels stay stable even in more challenging circumstances and don’t give up.


Under Armour Water Resistant Undeniable Baseball Softball Gear Bat Pack, Black

A neat backpack that comes with some great features is available in exciting color ranges like black, navy, scarlet, gray, and royal blue. This bag is not very bulky. However, it can still offer plenty of space that you can use to store your kit efficiently.

There are bat sleeves on both sides of the bag. Besides that, there is also the main compartment that is sufficiently spacious. There is also a top section and a front pocket, which you can use to store your valuables or your mobile phone.

One of the biggest advantages of the bag is the feature of all-weather credentials. They design this bag with Storm DWR, which makes it fully weatherproof. Therefore, a player going for an all-day tournament where there is rain pouring in continuously will appreciate the bag’s ability to keep his or her kit dry.

However, there is also something on the down-side too. The bag’s J-hook is on its inside, so you would have to open the bag first to hang the bag up. However, you can solve this problem by adding a carbineer on the outside of the bag.


Rawlings R500 Series Baseball/Softball Backpack, Scarlet, 17.5˝ H x 15.5˝ W x 8.5˝ D

This is a Rawlings’ backpack that comes with many essential features, such as an external helmet holder. It is a great option when you want options to free up space whenever required in the bag’s main section. It can also be its key selling point, however, you should make sure that you try this feature before you buy or while purchasing. The helmet holder is not the biggest, therefore, you should check if yours can fit in comfortably or not before you make the purchase.

You will get some really exciting design touches that will come as options with the bag. The main compartment of this bag will offer two pockets for shoes, which will keep them separate from the other kit. The bag will also have Velcro strips on the front, which means you release or attach your gloves easily and quickly.

You can access the separate compartment located at the top. There is also a customizable valet tray and sections that will keep your valuables secure and safe. In addition to that, there will also be a zippered pocket located at the back of the bag, which can hold your cell phone. There are padded dividers, which will make sure that your keys don’t scratch your MP3 player or mobile phone screen.

The sleeves on the sides can hold up two baseball bats. There is an external hook, which will let you hang the bag.


DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth Baseball Backpack-Black

The DeMarini’s Voodoo Rebirth Backpack can be considered a much serious-looking bag. There are a lot of color options, but every one of them will have a heavy black accent that gives the bag a masculine appeal.

It is a bag with great storage options. There are bat sleeves that are made of quality stretchy neoprene and there is also room for your water bottle at the side.

There is a separate shoe compartment that will keep the dusty cleats separate. It is vented, so you don’t have to think about bad odors. The best part is the main compartment is so huge that you will struggle filling it.

The bag’s shoulder straps are comfortable and well-padded.

Although it is a bit expensive than some, it can still offer a great value.


EASTON E700W Bat & Equipment Wheeled Bag, Navy

If you want a bag that can accommodate a large space for a good amount of kit, then you should go with the Easton 510W wheeled bag. An update the 510W comes with heavy-duty wheels and rubberized pullers that will keep the bag stable even on muddy terrain. The bag’s lower part has been made more durable, capable to prevent bulging or damage.

There are also vented pockets inside that will help you in having your sweaty kit dry faster. The pocket is so big that it can easily hold 4 bats securely.


Louisville Slugger Prime Stick Pack Baseball/Softball Bag - Black/Charcoal

The Select Stick Pack from Louisville Slugger is ideal for the little league players. It is a trendy bag that comes in many colors. It also comes with a removable area, which lets you customize with the name of your team.

The handles at the front counterbalance the well-padded straps, which makes maneuvering easy.

It also has a water-proof compartment, which is best for your shoes.

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We researched through an unbelievable number of baseball bags and filtered out these best baseball

Best Baseball Bags

bags. Whether you are looking for a classic wheeled baseball bag or a simple backpack, these are some of the best options that you can choose from.

Looking at the options, we hope you get the best baseball bag for you and have a successful season.