Best Youth Baseball Gloves

Best Youth Baseball Gloves

While we walk you through all the critical points to consider and then actually pick a few products for you, we would hope that you would get the product that you have been looking for.

Also, make sure that you do not blindly follow any suggestions, but make sure that you check out the products first hand if possible. It is also recommended that you can ask out people who have used it in the past to make sure that you are making the right purchase.

Top 5 Best Youth Baseball Gloves


Rawlings Players Series Youth Tball/Baseball Glove (Ages 3-5)

  • Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Size: 9″, 10.5″, 11″
  • Colors: 4 Colors
  • Style: Closed Web; Open Back

The gloves have a soft inner material, which makes it comfortable from the moment you first use it. They are a product from the popular brand Rawlings that also provides other offerings in the market. To make its appeal wider, they are offered in a choice of 4 colors.

These gloves are offered in a variety of sizes from 9” to 11”, on top of that they have a Velcro strap to ensure a perfect fit. The best thing that the company claims about the product is that it comes 100% broken, right from the factory. 

Well, surely that is something that would bring a smile on your face, as it is easy to use and handle when you have broken gloves straight out of the factory. The product also boasts a synthetic leather material and a conventional back made of Neo-Flex.


Mizuno GPP1150Y3 Prospect Series PowerClose Baseball Gloves, 11.5', Right Hand

  • Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Size: 9″, 10″, 10.5″, 10.75″, 11″, 11.5″, 12″
  • Colors: 8 Colors
  • Style: Closed/Open Web; Closed Back

If you have a bleak budget, then Mizuno prospect youth ball glove is the perfect one for you. They offer variety like nothing else. In terms of size, they have 7 sizes ranging from 9” all the way up to 12”.

They are really handy as they have a patented hinge designed to close the glove with lesser effort. Their affordable price makes them perfect for gifting purposes too.

The first time players, if you are looking to have a glove to consider, well, then you possibly have one here.

The gloves come with PowerClose technology, which is patented by the company. The technology helps the players in the ground as it makes sure that once the ball is caught, there is just no way that the player loses it and provides the player with a better grip.


Rawlings Playmaker Youth Baseball Glove Series (10-11.5 Inch Baseball/Tball Gloves)

  • Material: Leather
  • Size: 11.5″
  • Colors: 1 Color
  • Style: Closed Web; Open Back

This is a highly rated product that ensures durable use if you want to buy a long-termer. What makes it special is the traditional construction by genuine leather. This makes you accustomed to the feel of professional gloves yet providing the convenience of a youth glove. It comes 80% broken in from the factory.

The biggest problem that one might face with this product is the fact that the product is well designed for players who would fit in a 12-inch glove. This would make some of the young players unhappy, as they might have to just stay without using this till they grow up to start playing in the A-leagues.

The other thing that you might consider against this product is that it is quite highly-priced and thus might not be a good buy for first-time players.


Rawlings Mark of a Pro Light Youth Baseball Glove, Regular, Pro H Web, 11-Inch
  • Material: Synthetic Material
  • Size: 9.5″, 10″, 10.5″, 11″, 1
  • Colors: 3 Colors
  • Style: Closed Web; Open Back

If you need a smaller than average glove, you don’t need to scroll any further. From the popular brand Rawlings, this is a popular product among pitchers and infielders.

To ensure that cushy fits along with different sizes, it also features a Velcro strap that can be adjusted for the perfect fit. Although they come 90% broken in from the factory, it is advisable to practice a few catches before playing a match.

The design is something that stands out for these gloves. No matter where you are placed in the ground, this glove would stand out in the performance.

The design also helps the players provide themselves with an adjustable Velcro strap for adjustments. This feature assists the players while in the game.


Rawlings R9 Youth Baseball Glove Series

  • Material: Leather
  • Size: 11″, 11.25″, 11.5″ 1
  • Colors: 2 Colors
  • Style: Open Web; Open Back

This is the glove to check out if you are all into baseball, and if you are sure that you want to be in it for a long time. This product is for serious youth players. The design of the glove has a web integrated into it.

Made up of soft full-grain leather and having a strong Tennessee tanned lacing, the glove is extremely durable and won’t disappoint you. The gloves also don’t do away with the player's comfort while making sure that they have the control and stability that they need.

You might find the product to be a bit expensive, but you won’t regret your purchase. Gloves are available for both right and left hand. The gloves are also present in two color variants, and thus you might just choose the color you like.

Best Youth Baseball Gloves Buying Guide

With the various online retailers that are there on the internet these days, a buyer is generally spoilt with choices, and then amid all these choices, more often than not, they end up buying the wrong product.

While we love the online retailers who help us get the products from anywhere across the world, we do understand the problems that the buyers face too. 

Perhaps, today, we would be helping you by listing the most important things to keep in mind while purchasing a pair of gloves.

All that you would have to do is to make sure no matter how fancy a product you see online is, you should not do away with any of the vital things that you need to consider as per your convenience. So, without further ado, let us now start finding the factors and understanding how we can make a perfect buy when it comes to gloves.

There are a lot of factors that you should keep in mind while selecting the Gloves:

1.  Selecting the right size

2.  Leather type

3.  Web pattern

4.  Web pattern by position

Selecting the right size

The right size of the glove also depends on your position. Here is the chart that will help you to find the right size for yourself:

  • Second Base - 11"-11.5"
  • Short Stop - 11"-11.75"
  • Third Base - 11"-12"
  • Pitcher - 11.5"-12.5"
  • Outfield - 12"-12.75"

Well, now that you know the gloves that would fit in for your position, you have all the reasons to cheer for! Check out the one that would fit in perfectly for you. Be very particular about your gloves; you don’t have a better gear when you are on the field, and you are defending.

Leather Type

After selecting the suitable size of the glove, the next step is to find reliable and durable leather for your gloves. 

A different class of leather offers different durability break-in time, looks, and accordingly changes the price of your glove. Our focus is mainly on the 4 major leather types: Full-grain, Premium Steerhide, Kipskin (or Kip), and Cowhide

Full Grain Leather

This type of leather comes from exotic animals such as alligators, Kangaroos, and also from animals like sheep, goat, etc. Because of its natural grain, this leather is known for its high durability, stiffer, and heavier than others. Due to their high quality, they are also costly, but worth every penny.

Premium Steerhide

These are made from the hide of male cows (or steers). They are manufactured in abundance and are easily available in the market. This is the first choice of professional players.

Kipskin Leather

Kipskin leather is prepared from the hide of young cattle, adding a property of lightweight in them and hence is preferred by infielders.


This is the finest all-around glove, mainly for youth players. It is known for its medium weight and often pre-oiled to lower the break-in time.

Web Patterns

There are generally 8 different types of web patterns, namely:

Closed/Basket Web, H Web, I Web, Trapeze Web, Modified Trapeze Web, two pieced close Web, Single Post Web, and Double Post Web.

  • Basket/closed web: This type of web has more flexibility because of the basket-weave pattern.
  • Trapeze web: Outfielders prefer this type of web.
  • Modified Trapeze Web: This web is similar to the traditional trap web. Pitchers and Infielders prefer this type of web.
  • H Web: The name H indicates that the strips of leather are in the shape of H. This Web is most commonly used by Infielders.
  • I Web: As the name suggests, the Strips of leather are in the state of I. This Web is most widely used by Infielders.
  • Single Post Web: Single Post Webs are made of horizontal and vertical strips of leather woven together.
  • Double Post Web: Double Post Web is used as Pitcher's glove but occasionally can be used in Infield too.
  • Two-pieced Close Web: This is a heavy kind that offers the player to hide the ball and hand in the gloves.

Web Pattern by Position

 The position of the player is another factor, which is needed to be taken into consideration.

  • The Outfielders should use H Web or Trapeze Web or Modified Trap Web with bigger and deeper pockets.
  • The middle Infielders should use I Web and Two-Piece Closed Web with shorter and shallower pockets.
  • The 3rd basemen should use H Web, Modified Trap Web, or Closed web with more durable and deeper pockets.
  • The Pitchers should use Basket Web, Two-piece Closed, Closed, or Modified Trapeze Web, which conceals ball and hand when selecting a pitch grip.
  • The Catchers should use Two-piece Closed Web, Closed Web with Conceal signals to pitcher Stronger, and deeper pockets extra padding for hard throws.
  • The first Basemen should use Two-piece Closed Web, Closed Web with Stronger, deeper pockets extra padding for hard throws.

Best Youth Baseball Gloves FAQ's

We must answer some of the repetitive questions that we have almost every day from one or more readers that we have on the website.

Which is the best brand to buy baseball gloves?

Well, I would not recommend a brand here honestly, because we are really not very sure about which brand we can crown as the number one. 

It would be easily said that each brand has some product or other that does not meet the expectations, and then there are a few that almost always exceeds the limitations.

Which is your favorite glove that is moderately priced?

Well, I love something or the other about most of them. Almost each of them stood out in one font or the other. However, if I would have to pick my favorite, it would be a tough fight among all the ones that I have reviewed here, but I would still choose Rawlings Players Series Youth T Ball/Baseball Gloves. It is quite decently priced at just $14.97 and can easily meet the needs of every child.

How long should your Baseball glove last?

If you maintain your gloves properly, then the maximum period is one year. However, don’t count on us completely, as it very strongly depends on your position, the way you use it and surely the quality of the product that you have bought.

What are Baseball gloves called?

A baseball glove is called a baseball glove! Well, but then there are people who confuse baseball gloves with Mitts. But it is important to understand that although the two are mostly similar in all aspects, there are subtle differences that they both have in them. So, although they are referred to as the same by many, technically, they are not the same.

Why is the 1st Baseman glove different?

Not only 1st baseman, but there are also various positions on the ground which need a specific type of a glove as compared to others. 

However, if it is strictly about the first baseman, then the reason is that they arguably have the most hectic task while on the field, and they have to catch the ball most frequently.

Are all Baseball gloves left-handed?

No, not all Baseball gloves are left-handed. If the player is right-handed, then he should use a left-handed glove and vice versa. Thus, if you are left-handed, then there is no way you should worry about whether you should get the glove that fits your needs.

What Size Should I get for Baseball gloves?

Well, that entirely depends on the size of your hand. If you think you have a bigger hand, then you should go for the bigger gloves. 

On the contrary, if you are someone who has a smaller hand as compared to the average players, then surely you must always lookout for a smaller glove that fits in perfectly. Remember when it comes to gloves, fittings and comfort are two things that you would need to worry about to start with.


I would not shy away from saying that the gloves are possibly something that is of utmost importance while on the field and arguably the most essential accessory for any player. While defending, there surely is no other feature that one uses more than the gloves. 

Thus, it is important to make sure that the gloves are comfortable, smooth, and don’t hinder the movement of the fingers. 

While everyone, irrespective of their age and expertise, should go for the best gloves possible, it is also recommended that they do not shed out too much on the pair unless they are really very serious about the game.

To make sure that our readers do not face any problem while buying the gloves, we have tried addressing all the issues that they might ever face while buying the product. We hope that we have been able to give you the best possible insight of a glove and guide you in the best possible way to the perfect buy.