Best Baseball Training Aids Swing Trainers

Best Baseball Training Aids Swing Trainers

This equipment is of various types, which help in targeting different areas of the game for improvement. Such tools can be helpful for fielders and hitters, as well as the coaches of the players. Some of the most popular Training Aids that are available for the players are:

  • Batting Trainers- These tools include Pitching machine and Tees, which are extremely helpful for practicing swings.
  • Baseball Nets- These nets are used to carry out multiple tasks. The batters can throw their hits into this net, while the pitchers can use them to take hold of their throws. 
  • Training Balls- These are unique balls that have built-in weights and other specifications, which helps the players to enhance their game from different aspects.
  • Practice Gloves- These gloves are flat in shape, which allows the fielder to catch the flying balls.
  • Additional Accessories- These are innovative tools that help the player to shape up their Baseball games.

If you are in the market for training aid, you should know what kinds of products you can buy in the market today. Here is a list of 5 best training aids available in the market today.

Top 5 Best Baseball Training Aids Swing Trainers


PowerNet Baseball and Softball Practice Net 7 x 7 with Bow Frame

 These are vertical square-shaped nets with a smaller square opening combined with a collecting net behind it. If you want to improve your pitching accuracy, you should try pitching balls in the collecting net.

If your aim misses, the ball bounces off and lands onto the ground. On the contrary, if you want to improve your batting accuracy, try hitting the balls, which are usually thrown by a coach or a pitching machine into the smaller square.

The PowerNet baseball practice net is one of the best ones available. It has a decent size of 7*7 feet, and its compact structure makes it portable enough for carrying it along to the baseball field.

Anyone can set it up in under 2 minutes. It has a steel construction, which makes it astonishingly durable. Due to its size, it can be used indoors too.


  • Type: Hitting-Net
  • Perfect for: improving Batting and Pitching accuracy
  • Features: Durable, Convenient Size, great for every league


MacGregor Infield Training Glove (EA)

Infield and outfield fielders might play the same fundamental role, but infield fielding provides you with a lot of deciding factors. If you can improve small movements, you can make a huge difference. 

Fielding efficiency that is required in the infield is a significant factor as it can make an impact on the position of your team in the game.

To improve efficiency, you must improve your transitions, body movements, and, most importantly, the transition from glove to the throwing arm.

Regular fielding gloves can be quite a hassle and be tiring to use over a long period of time. Macgregor infield training glove offers a better alternative for training purposes. Its pancake-like shape and lightweight design make your practice sessions less demanding on the glove front.

And it makes you focus on your catching techniques and movements more as it has less heft to it. Although there are foam training gloves available, it is more recommendable to buy leather ones as they are more durable.


  • Type: Training Glove
  • Perfect for: Improving infield fielding efficiency
  • Features: Leather construction, sturdy and lightweight


SKLZ Impact Limited-Flight Practice Baseball, Softball, and Mini Balls (Mini, 12 Pack)

Baseball demands the pitcher and the batsman to have high levels of control. Practicing pitching or swinging a traditional baseball doesn’t give a lot of feedback, which makes it harder to notice the area one can improve on.

SKLZ Impact Training balls are an excellent solution to this problem. They are heavier as compared to your regular training balls, but they are collapsible. When compressed from different sides, they make a distinguishable sound, which makes it easier to understand what part of the ball has hit the bat. 

The part of the ball that hits the bat is essential for both the pitcher and the batsman. 

These can be used in both enclosed spaces and fields as they tend to bounce less than a regular practice ball.

Their durability is better than any other type of practice ball, as these are made from flexible materials. They have bright colors to them too, which makes them distinguishable and harder to lose. They can be used for multiple training purposes.


  • Type: Impact Training Balls
  • Perfect for: Improving Batting And Pitching Accuracy
  • Features: everlasting construction, limited bouncing capability


Sports Attack Junior Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

Practicing any sport involves creating real-life situations consistently and facing them repeatedly. To do this, you need a well-groomed training companion. In baseball, a significant part of each player's task is to face different kinds of balls.

No player can match the consistency of a machine. This Baseball Pitching Machine is a training companion that is popularly used by all kinds of baseball teams to pitch consistent balls or to improve fielding efficiency.

 This is a device designed to pitch every kind of ball there is at speeds upwards of 70mph. This machine can be used with different kinds of balls efficiently.

Although it makes sense for a big team to have it, with prices really high for such equipment, you can buy it for small teams and even personal uses if you are really committed. You can set the speed you want accordingly. Moreover, it can be programmed to throw inside and outside curve-balls too.


  • Type: Pitching Machine
  • Perfect for: Improving fielding efficiency
  • Features: High speed


TANNER TEE the ORIGINAL | Premium Baseball/Softball Batting Tee w/ Tanner Original Base, Patented Hand-rolled FlexTop, and Easy Height Adjustments for Ages 9 & up, Metal/Black, Adjustable Height: 26' - 43' (TT001)

Swinging the bat is a skill that is practiced by amateur and professional players dedicatedly. Even if you are at home or in a busy practice, you might not have someone to pitch you the ball.

This situation can be avoided by Tanner Tee Batting Trainer. This equipment is made to hold the ball in a place where you can hit it comfortably while swinging.

Unlike your regular tee batting trainers, this has a flexible construction halfway down to the base.

 This reduces the chances of breaking the trainer if the batsman misses and hits the pole instead. The flexible structure is made possible by hand-rolled rubber. It is recommendable as it is manufactured by a reputed company for more than two decades.

Variable height from 26” to 43” makes it a comfortable tool for players of all heights.


  • Type: TEE Batting Trainer
  • Perfect for: Swinging Practice
  • Features: Planted Base, flexible top, portable, Adjustable Height

Best Baseball Training Aids Swing Trainers Buying Guide

The player needs to finalize the style and position of batting and pitching before anything else. This is absolutely fundamental and this would primarily help the player to select the perfect Training Aid for the game. Some of the most important considerations for choosing the ideal Training Aid are as follows:

Position of Batting

This is important as any training aid would be customized for the position that the player bats in. For obvious reasons, the best pitcher would need a different set of Swing trainers than the best batsman in the team.

The expected use of the Training Aid

Well, to answer this, ask yourself, how often would you be playing a match and how often would you be practicing. If you think you do not have a definite answer to it, well, don’t worry, many do not have it. In that case, go for what you think would be the most frequent one and accordingly search for yours.


Here, to answer this, you would have to answer another question, which is very important, and that is, how serious are you with your game? If you just want to try out your luck in the game or if you are just getting into it, start with the more reasonably priced products. If you are already in love with the sports, then you have all the reasons to go on for the moderately or even high priced products.

Brand and model

This is not of much importance as long as you keep in mind the quality of the product. Although it mostly stands true and correct, then there are times when the popular belief that quality and price go hand in hand, falls flat on its face. Thus make sure that you buy a quality product rather than a high priced product.

Reviews and Recommendations

Well, if you have someone who is your age and is in the game, playing along your side, then you have all the reasons to get a review about the product that you liked before actually getting it in your closet. Also, check out the reviews and recommendations that you would get online.

Other Important features of a perfect Baseball Swing Trainer

Apart from the above factors, there are some important features that need to be taken care of, if you want proper swing aid trainers. They are as follows:


One has to take care of the position of the elbow, the position of the knees, and the grip of the bat as it would change as the player would change his/her stance towards the game. Therefore, the player should take care of positions and grips before manipulating the stance of the game.

Proper Coaching and Practice sessions

If an individual wishes to improve the swing technique of the game, the player should consult a senior player or the team's coach for correct guidance on the type of Training Aid that the player should opt for. 

Also, the player should focus on practicing religiously before investing in a Training Aid, which would help in increasing the level of seriousness for the game in the mind of the player.

 For practicing with the Swing Trainer, the player should set aside a specific space in the ground, which is large and free to allow the natural movement of the Training Aid.

 Selection of accurate Training Aid

The player needs to choose the correct Training Aid according to the needs and requirements of the game. It is not necessary that each type of Swing Trainer would be useful for each player.

Hence, the player should consider the level of comfort before purchasing the Training Aid. The player should carry out hand-on tests for the Training Aid, without relying solely on the reviews and recommendations of the product.

Best Baseball Training Aids Swing Trainers - FAQ's

Is Baseball Swing and Softball Swing the same?

The baseball is smaller and leaves the pitcher’s hand at a downward angle. Even with a backspin, a baseball never rises. But a softball can be made to rise above due to the larger surface area of the softball. 

As it is larger than a baseball, the angle of the pitcher’s hand is higher, which allows the softball to rise. When a rise ball is recognized, there are adjustments that are to be made while hitting a softball, and hence, this is the most critical difference between the baseball swing and the softball swing.

How can I increase my Bat Swing speed?

Some of the most important tips for increasing the Bat Swing speed are as follows:

  • Barrel Turns- As the barrel tips forward, it gets turned backward and then around, which allows the quicker movement of the swing.
  • Leave the hands back- When the hitters slide their hands away from their shoulders, there are several problems that arise. By pushing the hands in front, the bat is not able to swing around the baseball, and hence, it arises a risk for errors. Also, by pushing the hands in front, the muscles of the upper-body work faster than the lower body muscles, which makes the flow of energy easy.
  • The shift of Weight- The weight of the bat should be centered on the back of the leg. Also, while hitting, the player should push himself forward and allow the body to fall. This would ensure a faster swing rate.

What is a Hitting Streak?

In the field of Baseball, Hitting Streak refers to the consecutive and continuous number of games in which the player can get the maximum number of hits. In more than the past seventy years, some players have even made 40 Hitting Streaks in Baseball.

What is the best Training Aid at a reasonable price?

This depends on a lot of factors, like what is your role in the team, what position you are in, what are your strengths and weaknesses. Even still, if there is one aid which we think is a must-have for all, and then it would surely be the PowerNet Baseball Practice Net. It is also quite moderately priced at $61.50 and portable, which allows you to practice and sharpen your skills perfectly anywhere.

Why is hitting a softball harder than hitting a baseball?

While Baseballs are thrown at a higher speed and should be more challenging to process, the smaller size of the softball field allows the player with a lesser time to react to hit. Even though the speed of a softball is lesser than a baseball, the smaller area of the field provides almost no time for the player to react in accordance to the game, which makes hitting softball more difficult.


What we tried here was to help you with all that you might need to get the best practice and perform at your highest potential in a match. 

We tried to help you with the guide to buy the best aids for yourself and also answered some of the most asked questions.

We feel that the section where we tried to provide you with the products would help you better as we have personally used these products and have also taken the first-hand experience from some of the people who have used this extensively.

However, much like what we always suggest, we would recommend that you try the products first hand before getting your pair. Every individual has a different comfort level, and surely there are times that one product doesn’t meet the needs of two people at the same time. Perhaps, you should check your own comfort and get the product that suits you well.