The Best Baseball Batting Helmets with Faceguards

The life of a baseball player looks glamorous but, with all the fame and glory, you must also consider the fact that batters must face pitches as fast as 100mph!

You don’t want to be facing rockets for a living, and that’s what it feels like to most players. Getting hit by a baseball traveling at fast speeds hurts a lot, with most instances resulting in serious injury.

Rather than risk getting struck by fast pitches in the face, baseball batters prefer wearing helmets with a faceguard to protect their head from an errant or foul ball. The great thing about these helmets is that we have designed them to protect your face and head from a misdirected hit or foul pitch.

Best Baseball Batting Helmets with Faceguards

If you’re concerned about getting hit in the face by a pitch, consider these baseball batting helmets with faceguards that allow you to face the fastest pitches without worrying about getting knocked out.

Top 5 Best Baseball Batting Helmets with Faceguards


Rip-It Vision Pro Matte Softball Batting Helmet (Matte Black, Small/Medium)

The Rip-It Vision Helmet is designed with revolutionary double density foam allowing it to provide superior protection and comfort. The helmet has a solid construction and is also lightweight, so there’s no discomfort even when you wear it for long periods.

It guarantees excellent head protection and doesn’t inhibit the wearer’s field of vision, while it also has moisture management pads, so your head stays dry.

There are 21 air vents strategically placed all over the head, ensuring you get to stay cool even when you’re sweating profusely. The unique design and construction of the helmet exceed NOCSAE standards, ensuring you get a reliable and quality helmet with a faceguard.


  • Superior quality construction
  • Features moisture management pads
  • Classy venting system


DeMarini Paradox Protege Pro Batting Helmet, Black, Youth

The DeMarini Paradox Protégé batting helmet also follows NOCSAE standards and comes with a unique antimicrobial fabric liner in the helmet. This liner keeps the inside of the helmet free from bacteria ensuring that it stays clean and durable.

The faceguard doesn’t obscure your field of vision. It has been designed to provide the athlete with complete visibility, allowing them to see the incoming ball. There is also a superior ventilation system to keep the player cool in the field of play.


  • Antimicrobial liner
  • Decent range of head sizes
  • Face mask for extra protection


Easton Senior Z5 2Tone Batters Helmet with SB Mask, White/Black

The Easton Juniors batting helmet features an ABS plastic shell that has several ventilation holes to keep the player’s head cool even when playing in the warmest temperatures. The airflow guarantees you don’t sweat profusely, and the face mask protects your face from possible injury.

The interior of the helmet has dual-density foam to keep moisture away from the head and eyes. The face mask doesn’t obscure your field of vision as it has been cut to ensure that you get a complete view of the field in front of you. It meets NOCSAE standards and is long-lasting and durable.


  • High impact resistant ABS shell for maximum protection
  • Dual-density foam liner for shock absorption and comfort
  • BioDri padded inner liner absorbs moisture


Worth Women's 60 MPH Fastpitch Highlighter Batting Helmet, Scarlet, 6 1/2' - 7 1/2'

The Worth Storm batting helmet is ideal for those looking for a batting helmet with a faceguard. The helmet is suited for baseball, softball, and tee-ball, and not only looks great but fits perfectly. The unique part about this helmet is the soft padding around the head area to protect the head from any shock or vibrations generated when a fastpitch strikes the helmet.

The sturdy and solid construction of the Worth Storm Highlighter is one of the reasons why it is considered one of the best protective head helmets in baseball. It also features a unique venting system to allow uninterrupted airflow to the head. The faceguard doesn’t obscure the wearer’s vision, so batters get an uninterrupted view of the pitch without compromising their batting.


  • Solid construction
  • High visibility faceguard
  • Ventilation system for airflow

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Baseball Batting Helmets with Faceguards

Baseball isn’t a contact sport, so the risk of injury playing the game isn’t as high as it is in some other sports. However, facing balls flying past your ears at 100 mph doesn’t constitute as fun in anyone’s dictionary, and you do need appropriate protection and gear to play the game.

Buying the right baseball batting helmet is essential to your performance on the mound, as it means you have one less thing to worry about. Faceguards ensure that you don’t strike flush in the face due to an errant pitch or a foul ball. So, when you’re looking to get the right batting helmet with a faceguard to ensure your child remains protected, here is what you should know:

  • Purpose
  • Construction material
  • Interior 
  • Design
  • Accessories
  • Warranty
  • Price

If you look at all these factors, buying a baseball batting helmet with faceguards should be a walk in the park for you. 


The life of a baseball batter is tough and not as perfect as it would appear on television. Things can get ugly and dangerous in the heat of the moment as a pitcher could lose their cool, get frustrated, and end up throwing a pitch at your head. There are also instances when balls fly off the bat, and you don’t want them heading straight to your face.

That’s the reason why you need high-quality batting helmets with face guards that protect you when you’re facing a pitch on the batting mound. We highlighted some of our top picks for the best baseball batting helmets with face guards, so go through their features and pick the best one.