The Five Best Baseball Sliders and Sliding Shorts

Best Baseball Sliders and Sliding Shorts

Though, if you are properly covered, you will avoid such scratches, cuts, and soon-to-be brush burns. We all know that the brush burns and the baths don’t go very well. It will happen to most of us. However, these minor conditions can influence your diamond performance due to a feeling of discomfort.

Good thing you’re here because we’re going to show you the best baseball gear to protect you so you can feel confident to slide during the game.

Top 5 Best Baseball Sliders and Sliding Shorts


Shock Doctor Shockskin Lax Relaxed Fit Impact Short (Black, Men's Medium)

The Shock Doctor Power Compression is created with some top quality material that can rationalize the price and help you feel cozy in the field.

They’re perfect for all positions, particularly infielders and catchers. What makes them so comfortable is the tight four-way stretch design.

The flatlock seams will give you a snug fit. It can also wick moisture away from your skin.

What about protecting the slide?

Double-layer compression is built over the thighs for extra padding. The Shock Doctor Power Compression Sliding Shorts come with a built-in cup. It has a bio-shaped body that helps with comfort and keeps you cool.


Mizuno Youth Elite Padded Sliding Shorts, Grey, Medium

One of the top brands in all of baseball, the Mizuno Elite Padded Sliding Shorts is a popular choice amongst many MLB players.

You will get ELITE padding if you decide to go with this product.

The material is a soft touch lightweight fabric. It has DryLite technology, which helps transport excess moisture away from the body.

The side panels are protected by foam-padded material, giving you an extra sheet of protection when sliding. The cup is not included. However, it does have an integrated cup pocket.


EASTON ELITE Baseball Sliding Short | Adult | Medium | White | 2020 | Extra Protective Targeted Extra Foam Padding

The Easton Extra Protective Sliding Short is a great choice for all baseball players and has fantastic protection.

Even on the hottest day on the ball diamond, Bio-Dri wraps you away from moisture.

Around the sliding region of the thighs is a 5 mm neoprene lining. This pair is your option if you want the extra layer. The price is fair and not as expensive as you’d think which is a nice surprise. The only side down is these shorts don’t come with an in-built cup.


Marucci Adult Elite Padded Slider Shorts, Medium, White

The Spandex textile is ideal for mobility with the Marucci Elite padded slider shorts.

You can switch direction quickly. The padded lining is made from a substance like a sponge. To players who like to slip, this gives confidence.

Thanks to anti-microbial processing, sweat and moisture are well-drained and not absorbed by the player.

For those who are wondering there is an optimized cup pocket in the shorts.


All-Star CPS-S7WHLGE Catchers Protective Inner Short w/Hit Knit Technology WH LGE

This one is for a player who’s always on his knees in the trenches. There are items like catchers slipping shoes, and the All-Star S7 is the one you need to look at.

It’s hard to find shorts that are comfortable and also offer protection. It’s Normally, you trade one for the other. However, this comes with the hardware of HIT KNIT. The S7 offers foul ball protection from the top of the quad through the inside thigh.

The padding is just 3MM thick, and the double-wall side panel is perfect for sliding protection.

Well worth a try for any catcher out there.

Buying Guide For The Best Baseball Sliders

Essential things to look for when deciding what’s best: look for baseball shorts with unique fabric innovations that help keep your body covered. Watch for specialized materials that help you get the heat out of your body. It helps to keep you calm and relaxed.

Shorts made of moisturizing fabrics take a dry, clean feel in the body’s sweat. The best baseball sliding shorts will be packed with antimicrobials. This tissue prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes.

You’ll also want to pick compression shorts for a comfortable, safe fit that also provides unlimited versatility on the ball diamond.

Look for sliding shorts made of woven fabrics for young baseball players because it will encourage airflow for optimum ventilation. After all, you want your little MVP to feel nice and comfortable so they can have fun.

It’s also best to look out for flatlock stitching to prevent bothersome scratching. Shorts designed with protective padding in essential areas of the body help prevent slipping or diving injuries.

Finally, the elastic waistband compression provides a super-secure match for ultimate comfort when playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are baseball sliding shorts?

Baseball sliders are a smooth and typically snug-fitting fabric with strategically placed padding. that you wear underneath your baseball pants.

What are sliding shorts for?

Baseball sliding shorts are worn to protect your thighs and glutes from abrasions while sliding during a game of baseball. They are not required uniform, but highly recommended for comfort and performance. Sometimes compression shorts are commonly known as sliding shorts although in reality sliding shorts include padding and usually a cup.

How are sliding shorts supposed to fit?

Baseball sliding shorts are meant to be snug but without limiting movement. Due to the stretchy nature of the material used for baseball shorts, they fit similar to compression shorts.

Do you wear briefs under compression shorts?

You should not wear underwear under your compression shorts or baseball sliders. In fact, when you wear any form of compression clothing such as socks or sleeves, it’s recommended you don’t wear anything underneath. This even applies to your underwear when wearing compression shorts.

Final Thoughts

This guide helps you to follow the right direction while shopping. You should go with something with which you can feel comfortable and defend yourself.

The best baseball sliding shorts are found here, we remember.

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