Best Outfield Gloves for Baseball

Best Outfield Gloves for Baseball

Since you’re planning on playing the outfield, you need to get yourself the very best outfield gloves for baseball. Most players stick to gloves that are made with superior types of leather – simply because they are the most durable kind. Also, they provide the perfect cushioning for your hands.

Is that it? Well, since all baseball gloves aren’t created equal, you still have quite a lot to learn. The catcher and first baseman have their own unique types of mitts to choose from, but outfielders can’t just settle for a glove that was made for, say, the middle infielders.

Finding the best outfield gloves for baseball is a very important factor that can affect your performance in the game. This is why every serious ballplayer needs to pick the right product in order to set themselves up for success.

When it comes to baseball gloves, there is no right or wrong. The only thing that matters is the player’s preference. That being said, let’s introduce you to our list of best outfield gloves for baseball. If you scroll down further, you will also find our brief buyer’s guide that will help you take your glove game to the next level!


Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Glove - Youth Baseball, Softball + Teeball Glove for Boys + Girls - Shok Sorb Glove - Right Hand Throw - Blue - 10.5'

Why it’s Our Top Pick

Meet the Franklin Sports Teeball Infinite Web – the best outfield gloves for baseball! This series features a hand-formed pocket, a perfectly contoured fit palm, Meshtek breathability, and even palm-sting reduction.

The palm of this product has been manufactured using synthetic leather, while its shell is made from mesh. Also, this product features an adjustable web and has a very average weight. All of these features combine to give you a pair of baseball gloves that are perfect for every playing position!

Need a little more convincing? Well, we’re about dive into our reviews of the best products being offered. Let’s start with none other than our top pick.

Top 5 Best Outfield Gloves for Baseball


Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Glove - Youth Baseball, Softball + Teeball Glove for Boys + Girls - Shok Sorb Glove - Right Hand Throw - Blue - 10.5'

Our best outfield gloves for baseball – the Franklin Sports Infinite Web – features the latest technologies in palm sting reduction and web expansion. This combination forms the perfect gloves for those young tee-ball players who are practicing for the outfield.

With these baseball gloves, we’re sure that you will be able to build enough confidence to perform amazingly. Even the functional, lightweight design of this product makes it easy for maneuvering, unlike really heavy gloves. The Franklin Sports Teeball Infinite Web has also been constructed as a ready-to-play product, which means there won’t be any learning curve required.

The most intriguing aspect of our best outfield gloves for baseball is that they feature a very smooth construction. The infinite web construction also allows the user to expand the mitts to about twice its original depth.

If you choose this product, you will have chosen a 10.5-inch glove that is perfect for young baseball players. With this product, novice tee ballers can play on the field with the utmost confidence and comfort. No wonder this product takes 4th place among Amazon’s best sellers for outfielder’s mitts!


  • Shok-Sorb reduces the overall sting in your palm after each catch
  • With the help of its Infinite Web Construction, you will be able to expand the mitts to about twice their original depth.
  • A very lightweight and functional glove
  • This product is perfect for those budding tee-ball players
  • The graphite blue designs look super modern


  • Users found that this product takes a little time to get used to


EASTON GHOST FLEX YOUTH Fastpitch Softball Glove | 2020 | Left-Hand Throw | Female Athlete Design | 10.5' | All Position Glove | H Web | Ultra Soft Leather | Super Soft Palm For Comfort | GF1050Y

With the Ghost Flex Fastpitch Series, beginner outfielders will truly have realized their love for the game! What we loved most about this product was that it features a Quantum Closure System, which allows you to adjust your hand opening for an optimized fit.

Our 2nd best outfield gloves for baseball feature a Hog Hide Leather palm. These gloves are ultra-soft, something which you may not have picked from their name. Their new Flex Notch system has the ability to create easier closure of the pocket. As a result, you won’t have to do much to make a catch.

The three-piece palm construction of these mitts improves their overall durability,  and it actually reduces their weight. The super-soft lining in the palm will be able to induce greater grip and control for any beginner struggling to keep up.

This 10.5-inch model has been specifically designed for young players. Finally, the lockdown wrist strap design of this product allows users to make adjustments until they have a perfect fit. 


  • Made from premium steer leather in the USA
  • Its Quantum Closure System allows users to adjust their hand opening for optimal fit and feel
  • Feature supple leather lining to induce better comfort and feel
  • Smaller openings in the mitts for more control and a tighter fit
  • Rawhide laces reinforce the durability of these gloves


  • A little expensive as opposed to competitor’s products


Marucci MFGFP1275H-BK/GY-LH FP225 Series Softball Fielding Gloves, Black/Gray, 12.75'

The Marucci Fastpitch softball gloves have made it as our 3rd best outfield gloves for baseball. They are individually handcrafted with the highest quality materials and have the most creatively constructed designs.

Other than this, the FP225 is manufactured with smaller openings in the wrist, which means you should look forward to a very snug fit. These mitts feature a shell made from soft cowhide leather. Due to its many great features, these mitts are heavily in demand from professional softball players.

In each of these gloves, Marucci has added what is known as fabric finger back linings. This is why each glove has the ability to deliver unmatched control and comfort for users. Even the tanned laces of this product provide a strong yet flexible pocket.

This product has a 12.75” size, but its Velcro wrist strap can provide personalized fittings for any outfielder planning to use them. You’ll also find that Marucci’s 24/7 customer service is always ready to answer your questions. 


  • The smaller opening at the wrist provides a snug fit and tighter finger stalls
  • Each mitt is individually handcrafter for a precise and custom fit
  • The durable tanned laces provide users with a superior structure
  • The adjustable Velcro strap provides a custom fit for every outfielder planning on using them
  • Marucci offers every potential customer a 100-day ‘Love your Glove’ guarantee


  • This product was designed for female outfielders


No products found.

At 4th place, we have a pair of baseball mitts that have been made from very high-quality PU leather, which is much more resistant to wear and tear than PVC leather. Most other brands use PVC leather because it is cheap, but FerDIM offers a better alternative without adding too much to the price.

Another thing we really like about this product is that it features a very personalized design. We’re talking about its fashionable and attractive construction, which may make beginners much more interested in the sport than ever before!

This pair of 10.5-inch baseball gloves has been found to be perfect for children who are right-hand-throwers. What’s more? The leather cords and glove sewing threads provide double reinforcement, making these mitts very sturdy and strong. You’ll find that they can withstand strong impacts without distorting their shape or forming unsightly tears.

Another thing we loved about this product is that it has an ergonomic design. The Spongia Stereoscopic design in the back of the wrist will help prevent the users’ wrist from any abrasion while the inner materials can absorb and discharge sweat very easily. 


  • Very high-quality materials have been used in construction
  • Very pliable, soft, and wear-resistant
  • The professional glove sewing thread and leather cord provide double reinforcement
  • Ergonomic design at the wrist to reduce wrist abrasion and shock from speeding balls
  • This brand offers a 2-year money-back guarantee


  • Only works as a great product for young outfielders


Louisville Slugger 2018 Tpx Outfield Baseball Glove - Right Hand Throw Dark Brown/Red, 12.75'

There is always an immediately recognizable brand name for every kind of product. When it comes to the best outfield gloves for baseball, the Louisville Slugger can’t be ignored.

TPX gloves are the newest addition to this well-known brand’s line of products. These gloves have been inspired by all the professional-style patterns that have been relied upon by most elite ballplayers. Everything from their materials down to every specific detail comes together to form a top-shelf product!

This baseball glove has been manufactured from premium-grade leather, which comes from one of the world’s leading tanneries. All these professional patterns have been redesigned from scratch by LVS experts, and their main aim was to bring about optimal glove performance. Well, it seems that they succeeded because we now have our 5th best outfield gloves for baseball.

All inserts, felt, and threads have been certified by the brand’s R&D teams in order to make sure all their sub-materials are professional-grade and effectively maximize the user’s performance. The only thing that managed to bring this product down to 5th place was its price.


  • Uses top-shelf leather to create more durability
  • Features an H-Web construction
  • The brown and red colors portray the classic image of baseball mitts
  • Louisville Slugger is already a well-known brand name in this industry
  • Only professional grade, sub-materials have been used in the product


  • A little expensive as opposed to competitor products

Best Outfield Gloves for Baseball Buying Guide

If you’re looking for the best outfield gloves for baseball, it is important to look for gloves that don’t require too much time to break into. You should also look for a genuine leather construction alongside other personalized features.

The outfield position may be fun and exciting, but it can also get really dangerous if you don’t have the right pair of gloves. Outfield gloves are, therefore, typically large and measure up to 13 inches. They are mostly constructed to provide users with great webbing, which forms a sort of basket that makes catching balls easy. Trapeze and H-web gloves are the most common types of outfield gloves, and you can never go wrong with these features.

Why are Outfield Gloves So Important for Young Baseballers?

For young athletes who are looking forward to enhancing and advancing their softball and baseball skills, the outfield position is highly recommended. This is because the position typically requires skills that are necessary for other positions, such as the infield.

Since young players aren’t really used to playing the outfield position, they should be looking for the ultimate protection for their hands. The best outfield gloves for baseball feature unique webbing styles and basket designs that can really enhance users’ catching skills.

Now that we’ve established how important outfield gloves are, you should know about the things that you should consider for picking the best product. Let’s find out:


The best outfield gloves for baseball are typically made with many different kinds of leather – such as pigskin, steer-hide, full-grain, synthetic, and cowhide, among so many more. The gloves that have been made with cowhide and pigskin are usually the most economical options as opposed to their counterparts.

Full-grain and steer-hide gloves are incredibly durable, and most experts will call them ‘premium quality leather.’ However, the final decision will depend on the individual preferences of the player.

Outfield gloves usually ensure contentment and satisfaction among users. If you don’t feel satisfied or confident about your purchase, there are many options in the market. Just look for the best outfield gloves for baseball that match your personal preferences and fit well. You’ll soon find what you were looking for.


For most people, their budget makes them think where their priorities should lie while making a purchase. Just like all the other sporting items out there, outfield gloves are commonly priced very differently, and this depends on various factors such as brand, style, quality, and design.

The best thing about setting a budget when looking for the best outfield gloves for baseball is that your budget will make you pay attention to the best products that you can afford. With a budget in place, you will be prevented from overspending on only one item because you know you’ve got quite a lot of sporting equipment to buy.

Sticking to your budget, we would highly recommend that you only purchase gloves made from genuine leather since they are very durable as well as affordable.


If you want the very best outfield gloves for baseball, you’ll find that size is a crucial consideration. Size impacts how comfortable your gloves really are. If you are uncomfortable in the mitts you’re wearing, there is a high probability you won’t be able to make catches during a match.

Now you can find glove sizing charts all over the internet or even at sports shops that sell baseball equipment. This chart can help you understand what sizes of baseball gloves will be perfect for what age bracket. Once you’ve referred to the chart, you should also wear your choice of product to ensure that it fits perfectly.

Think about gloves that provide you with a larger fielding range, like when you stretch or dive to catch a ball.

Glove Length

Reach is the most important part of being an outfielder. Compared to the typical infielder’s glove, the outfielder’s glove will be much longer. Why? Well, this extra length gives the outfielder a better chance to catch all those fly-balls or any other hit that comes their way.

The average size of the best outfield gloves for baseball measures up to anywhere between 12 and 13 inches. You should also want a pair of gloves that can help you react with absolute perfection because you’re going to be running around a lot, and you won’t have much time to think.

Gloves That Are Easy to Open and Close

If you come across a pair of gloves that are made of good quality and soft leather, don’t take it for granted. Having soft outfielder gloves can save you from all the time you waste trying to break into a new pair of gloves.

The quicker you break into your new pair of gloves, the lesser resistance you will feel in opening and closing them. We’ve already mentioned how the outfield position demands quick reaction times. This is why you need to get your hands on a pair of gloves that will keep up with this demand.

Equipped with an easy-to-open, lightweight pair of gloves, you will always feel prepared to take on the outfielder’s position with absolute confidence.

Pocket Depth

Outfields need to pick products that have deep pockets because more depth makes taking catches easy. At the outfield position, you will have to encounter a lot of those fly-balls that are hit really high up. With the help of deep pocket gloves, the outfielder will not just be able to catch fly-balls with relative ease but will also not feel the impact because the gloves absorb it.

The pocket is commonly held together with the help of cowhide leather laces that are really tight and can easily provide the stability you need for making a catch. With a deep pocket, you will also have enough room to make some of the toughest catches, like those overhead balls.

If you can’t seem to find any of these characteristics in your choice of best outfield gloves for baseball, then they are probably not worth your money.

Final Words

Overall, the best outfield gloves for baseball will have deep pockets, will be long, and should be durable enough to work perfectly for a few consecutive seasons. You can save yourself the effort by sticking to any one of the five products listed above because they are ALL ideal for a budding outfielder.

 If, however, you have specific preferences for the length or material of your mitts, then you’ve got enough information in our buyer’s guide to make an educated decision.