Best Baseball Cleats

Best Baseball Cleats

Since time and distance covered while playing cannot be overlooked, knowing that every second on the field counts, it is important to have comfortable and reliable baseball cleats. Efficient baseball cleats should have features like stability, reliability and comfort. 

These help to ensure proper running and braking while on the field.

Baseball cleats stand out from other shoes because they have spikes on the soles which help balance friction and braking while running. We will also admit they help make a fashion statement too. They are specially designed to help a player utilise his time on the field efficiently.

The streamlined design of baseball cleats is there to help running in different directions and motions while retaining stealth and agility. There will be turns to make while running and even tight corners. This will be successful with proper training and wearing the right gears. 

Footwork is key in baseball. Traction and stealth are very important. These are things you should look out for while making a baseball cleat purchase. 

Wearing the wrong shoes in a baseball game can affect your timing, traction, distance covered. To avoid impeding your performance, you should know that baseball cleats selection should be a top priority. Ball fielding and throws are highly connected to your footwork.

As stated earlier, there are so many baseball cleat options out there. But this article will serve as a guide to ensure you get the best baseball cleats.

Top 14 Best Baseball Cleats


Mizuno (MIZD9 Men's 9-Spike Advanced Franchise 9 Molded Baseball Cleat-Low Shoe

  • Synthetic/rubber material
  • 9/Metal spikes
  • Mid-Top style
  • 2 colors

The Mizuno 9-Spike Franchise Series offers the best stealth, comfort, traction and stability. They are not heavy and have a very good feel. 

The upper cover is made from rubber and it aids great performance. The outsole provides absolute comfort as a result of the cushioning effect and the tongue padding it has.

Also, the Mizuno brand is highly recommended. For over a millennium they have been designing and dishing out reliable and comfortable baseball cleats. With all the experience in footwear production that the Mizuno brand has, you can trust them to produce quality. 

They are well-known in the world of sports as they keep producing footwear that is adaptable to all games.

When the weather gets too hot, some baseball cleats might not be designed adequately to deal with sweaty feet which can hinder good performance. 

But the Mizuno baseball cleats are designed to adapt to any weather condition a game is played in.

The Mizuno baseball cleats are designed with synthetic material, rubber to be precise. This adds to the warmth and comfort of the cleats. The 9-Spike design is metal and makes it very light and easy to run around with.

It is not heavy and offers great comfort. Can be used for play in a game and also as running or training shoes. It is designed to last for a long time. The midsole is of full length. It’s style is mid-top and it comes in two colours.


New Balance Men's L4040V3 Cleat Baseball Shoe

  • Synthetic material
  • 8/Metal spikes
  • Low-Top style
  • Over 10 colors

The New Balance 4040V3 is designed with quality synthetic material that provides  the best stealth, comfort, traction and stability. It fits and laces up perfectly and offers cushioning with the toe overlay and padding.

 It is not heavy and allows smooth running around. You can get in in almost any colour of your choice as it comes in 12 different colours.

They aid in making swift turns, side to side turns and straight movement. There is cushioning all over this cleat. It gives maximum support to the footwork of the player. The top and outer sole are made of synthetic material and the midsole is designed with full-length lightweight foam.

The spikes are made of metal which aid stance and agility.

The style of its collar is mid-top by the ankle made with no-sew phantom fit on the upper layer. Thus adding to the flexibility and lightweight. It offers maximum comfort, holds the feet firmly and is quite affordable.


adidas Men's Freak X Carbon Mid Baseball Shoe, Maroon/Metallic Silver/White, 9 Medium US

  • Synthetic fiber material
  • Plastic rubber spikes
  • Mid-sole style

The Adidas Freak X Carbon is an excellent baseball cleat. Adidas has always come through in footwear production so this design is only an addition to a world of great designs. 

It is safe to conclude that The Adidas Freak X Carbon was designed to meet the features of reliable baseball cleats.

It allows proper aeration and is very comfortable. Some of its unique features include an air mesh used in constructing the topside, reinforced overlays designed to last long and a molded heel for support while on the field.

It is made of synthetic fibre that allows free flow of air and regulates the temperature, keeping it stable at all times. 

The spikes are made of plastic rubber which can withstand friction and pressure on any kind of field and stability when playing on hard ground like concrete.

The midsole of the Freak X Carbon baseball cleats are designed with Litestrike Eva. This explains how light it is compared to other cleats. The heel is molded and has a clip attached to it, aiding additional support while the player is active. It also has cushioning for the toe areas solving the problem of bruising.

It is suitable for all fields, even concrete. 

It is not heavy, it allows proper aeration to blend in all weather types and it is very comfortable. It has cushioning which gives it a soft feel.


adidas Men's Freak X Carbon Mid Baseball Shoe

  • Material used on request
  • Metal/8 spikes
  • Low-Top
  • 10 colors

This design is suitable for baseball cleats lovers who have personal unique designs and want their baseball cleats customized. 

You get to pick a colour of your choice and other specs. This doesn’t alter the unique designs and features an Adidas come with.

It still offers comfort, stability and performance. It comes with ProTrax plate curbs which help to ease the pressure that may result from wearing any footwear for too long. Also it has cushioning insoles that covers the whole cleat.


Mizuno Men's Heist IQ Baseball Shoe

  • Synthetic/Mesh material
  • 9/Metal spikes
  • Over 10 colors
  • Low-Top style

Mizuno focuses on baseball footwear production and has mastered the art of producing baseball cleats that meet the expectations of baseball players and lovers. These cleats live up to the IQ tag which means “Innovative Quickness”.

They are designed to function as both playing and running shoes. They are flexible and aid great stance and performance.

The material used is synthetic air mesh that allows free flow of air and regulates the temperature, keeping it stable at all times despite the weather. The spikes are made of metal which aid stance and agility.


Under Armour Men's Drive 4 Low Baseball Shoe

  • Synthetic material
  • 6/Molded spikes
  • Low-Top style
  • 2 colors

The Under Armour Ignite baseball cleats are durable and reliable on the field. The soles are designed with lining to match up to pressure and impact that comes with stepping. 

It aids balance and helps reduce the tendency to trip and fall to a very low degree.

Made of molded rubber and leather in the right proportion and sides makes it extra comfortable and increases stability. It also gives an added advantage while swinging the bat. The spikes are 6 molded rubber and it is of the low-top style. 

It can be gotten in two colours.



  • Synthetic material
  • 12/Molded spikes
  • Mid-Top style
  • 5 colors

The Nike Huarache 2K Filth is the perfect baseball cleat for maximum grip while playing and stability. The cleats are made of metal and it has 12 molded spikes for great stance and great pressure withstanding ability. 

They aid in making swift turns and side to side turns without tripping. There is cushioning all over this cleat. It gives maximum support to the footwork of the player.

The top and outer sole are made of synthetic material and the midsole is designed with full-length lightweight foam. 

It is made of synthetic mesh that helps make it lightweight, give it a soft feel and adapt to all weather types. The extra cushioning makes it really comfortable.


adidas Adizero Afterburner Mens Baseball Cleat

  • Synthetic material
  •  7/Metal spikes
  •  Low-Top style
  •  7 colors

As it is with other mesh material baseball cleats, the Adidas Adizero AfterBurner 2.0 has the lightweight soft feel. It has extra cushioning protection around the toe area which protects the toes and prevents it from bruising after wearing it for long. 

It was designed to aid fast play and is effective on the field, during practice and even running. 

The sole is Litestrike Eva-made and is durable. It has a wavy pattern that aids better grip and stance. It has 7 spikes made of metal and it is of the Low-type style. It can be purchased in 7 Color’s.


Under Armour Men's Harper One Baseball Cleat

  • Synthetic material
  •  9/Metal spikes
  •  High-Top style
  •  2 colors

The Under Armour Harper One named after Bryce Harper is of the High-Top style and can be purchased in two colors.

Made of synthetic material that aids comfort and proper aeration to blend into all weather types. 

The whole top is designed with mesh material that is durable and allows the feet to receive sufficient air. The Sole is made of superfoam which reduces impact while in motion and has 9 cleats made of metal that gives the perfect grip.


Under Armour mens Harper 4 Mid Rm Baseball Shoe, White/Black, 10.5 US
  • Synthetic material
  • Mid-Top style
  • Adjustable ankle strap
  • Rubber molded cleats

The Under Armour Men’s Harper 4  is made of synthetic and textile material. Under Armour is passionate about giving baseball players and lovers the best baseball products. They have designed this baseball cleat to suit all types of weather.

The sole is made of synthetic material and the top is of lightweight and durable with added abrasion advantage. It has adjustable ankle straps that help with extra grip and stance. 

The midsole is made of full-length EVA that helps with pressure applied on the cleat while maintaining the cushioning effect and comfort. 

The cleats are rubber molded and designed to last a very long time while offering great traction on the field.


adidas mens Afterburner 6 Grail Md Cleats Baseball Shoe, Black, 10.5 US

  • Synthetic material/textile lining
  • Wide lacing system
  • Rubber cleats

The Adidas Men’s AfterBurner 6 Grail is one of the best baseball cleats for play on the field, practice and running.

It has a toe cap made of iron skin that resists abrasion and has a padded wing tongue. The outsole is rubber molded and lined with textile.

It helps baseball players make swift changes during play without tripping. It is durable and offers maximum comfort. It has a wide lacing system that allows free adjustment and a firm grip.


adidas Men's Icon 4 Baseball Shoe, Collegiate Royal/Cloud White/Carbon, 11.5 M US

  • Synthetic material/textile
  • Synthetic/rubber outsole
  • Breathable upper mesh
  • Mid-Top style

The Adidas baseball cleats collection has exquisite designs. Icon 4 is no exception. It has breathable upper mesh made of synthetic material that aids comfort and proper aeration to blend into all weather types.

The mesh has TPU overlays that aid durability and protects the feet from abrasion.

It is designed with insole support and a heel counter to aid stability. The gum rubber traction of the turf aids swift movement in various directions while maintaining stance and is specially designed for use during practice or training.


Under Armour Men's Leadoff Mid RM Baseball Shoe, Black (002)/White, 12

  • Synthetic material
  • Rubber molded sole
  • EVA full-length midsole
  • Mid-Top style

The Under Armour Men’s Leadoff baseball cleat is specially designed for extra comfort. It has cushioning distributed all over with full length EVA midsole  and cleats made of molded rubber.

The rubber cleats help with great traction and stance despite constant use on different types of fields.

It is of the Mid-Top style and has padded collars that give the soft feel and increase comfort. The toe cap has an overlay that aids durability and soothes the toes even after wearing it for a long time. 

The upper part is made of synthetic mesh adding to the lightweight and breathability of this baseball cleat.


New Balance Men's 3000 V4 TPU Molded Baseball Shoe, Royal/White, 7 M US

  • Synthetic material
  • Sole made of rubber
  • Low-Top style

New Balance has really great designs and baseball products. They use quality materials and offer durable designs.  They are focused on producing high quality, unique and comfortable footwear. 

The New Balance 3000 V4 is designed to help baseball players and lovers appreciate the game better. 

The shaft is of the low-top style and has a synthetic mesh that gives the soft feel. The rubber sole covers the issue of durability and the midsole has fresh foam cushioning that offers extra comfort.

It has the best fit and grip on the field while playing or practicing.

Best Baseball Cleats Buying Guide

Before purchasing a pair of baseball cleats you want to consider the style, the materials used , ankle support and rules of the game.

Style of cleats

There are three main styles of baseball cleats. The metal cleats, the molded cleats and the cleats that come as trainer-footwears. Reviews and professionals have shown that:

  • Metal cleats have the best traction especially on grass fields and hard fields.
  • Rubber cleats offer good traction on soft fields, like mud and also last longer.
  • Trainer footwears are good for training or practice.

Materials used

In producing baseball cleats, synthetic and leather are used. Sometimes separately, other times, interchangeably.

  • Leather is known to last longer but tends to be heavier and quite expensive.
  • Synthetics are lighter , more flexible and more comfortable.

Baseball cleats Ankle support

The three ankle supports of baseball cleats are mid-top, low-top and high-top. It all boils down to what a player is comfortable in.

  • Low-tops are usually lightweight and serve as good bases while running.
  • High-tops can be heavier but offer better protection to the ankles.

Rules of the game

You will have to consider the stipulated rules for a game before making your purchase. If metal cleats are prohibited, you will have to choose a different type. Same applies to materials used and ankle support.

Top Benefits of Proper Baseball Cleats

Wearing proper baseball cleats has advantages:

  1. Aids great traction and stance.
  2. Offers comfort and proper aeration.
  3. Protects the feet from bruises and pressure.

Baseball requires agility and stealth. Moreso, it will be impossible to play a game with regular boots. You could try, but you will definitely end up discouraged or even think about quitting baseball. No it wasn’t you, you just had the wrong shoes! 

There is the tendency to fall a lot, so you need a properly designed boot intended for the game of baseball. 

Note that there are a lot of baseball cleats in different markets, but this article highlights some of the best baseball cleats to help you play and enjoy sprinting on the field.