Best Softball Gloves

In this guide, we have decided to analyze some of the best softball gloves that players can choose from when in need.

Every softball player needs a well fitted glove. Coupled with a bat and a ball, softball gloves are an integral piece of equipment for fastpitch softball players. 

This is because the kind of sports they do need them to catch and have a tight grip on the ball so every catcher needs to have a great softball mitt.

However, it is difficult to make a choice as there are several products, materials, and styles from a lot of brands which makes choosing a great product difficult.

Before deciding to settle for any pair of gloves, it is important that the player considers important factors like webbing, break-in time, material, wrist adjustment, and back. 

Although the name of the product may trick you into believing that the ball is actually soft and that's one thing that misleads people into buying an unsatisfactory product.  

This piece is here to guide you especially if you are too busy to make a comparison of the gloves you want, and that way you can have time to spend practicing or playing. It doesn't matter what kind of softball you play, there's the right glove for everyone and we're here to help you narrow your choices.

Top 5 Best Softball Gloves


Mizuno GMVP1275P3 MVP Prime Outfield Baseball Gloves, 12.75', Left Hand, Black Shock 2 Web

The Mizuno softball gloves are soft, durable, and ready for games. The Mizuno MVP is a glove fit for pros because of its long-lasting ability and the fact that it is constructed with pebbled leather makes it even better. 

It has a soft interior and the company states that the palm liner is ultra-soft. This makes the glove very comfortable with its soft finish and makes it a great choice for extended practicing.

The Mizuno MVP is not only great in terms of performance but also in its appearance. An embroidered logo is displayed on its high-class look and it is also fitted with an extra pocket. Just like gloves used by professionals, the Mizuno softball gloves have high-quality lace.

The impact on the hit is reduced due to the cushioning inside. The gloves have both right and left alignment and are more suited for small hands because the available sizes are 12.5 and 13 inches.

Generally, Mizuno MVP Prime is a classy glove that makes you a unique player.


  • Web style is unique
  • Thick padding for palm
  • Smooth break-in


  • Heavy use results in floppiness and loss of shape
  • Thumb area has little padding


Worth XT Extreme Slowpitch Softball Glove, 13 inch, Pro H Web, Right Hand Throw

The Worth gloves are strong, classic, colorful, and the comfortable soft feeling it provides for the wearer qualifies it for this list.

Many professionals prefer to use these gloves because of the XT Extreme leather. The professionals prefer it because of its H-Web design that makes it flexible and a great choice both for outfielders and infielders. 

Although the leather is thick to cushion the impact of the ball it still retains its softness. This glove does not need breaking in because it has extra soft inside. You just have to start using it immediately you get them, as it seems to fit right from the manufacturing table. 

Since every player has a different size, the Worth company released four sizes of this glove series: 13, 13.5, 14, and 15, inches. This series also has amazing features like the palm linings and the finger back made of complete leather. 

There is high-density padding on the palm and index finger area. It is possible to remove the glove by simply pulling on the strap system for quick release. 

With a professional look, the Worth XT Extreme also has two central colors and lined with red trimmings. It's black and blue with red trim makes it stand apart.

As earlier said, the varying glove sizes ensure that people who have large hands are not left out. But then it is important to pay attention to the price and the maintenance needed for the glove. Improve your gameplay with this glove as it provides proper tracking because of its weave H design.


  • Classy and sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Quick-release strap


  • A bad fit will cause great discomfort


Wilson A2000 H12 12' Infield Fastpitch Glove - Right Hand Throw

The Wilson softball glove is great for the big play and the Wilson A2000 can boast of several of its designs being a creation of many famous baseballers. 

Your expectations with using this glove are that as immediately you break in your ball handling skills will be top-notch and your catch will be significant either you intend to catch a pop-up fly or third baseball.

Although quite expensive, the Wilson softball gloves are the choice of most players as they testify that it boosts their skill.  It is a tight glove and people with big hands or women with longer fingers may not find it very comfortable to wear. 

Considering that this still makes the list of 2020 softball gloves, then it is a great product.

Young players are able to use this glove because of its featherweight. This is because the component of the Wilson A2000 is the white SuperSkin which is doubly tougher than the normal leather and less heavy. The closure is fashioned in a drawstring manner so that players can tweak it to be their size. 

The glove is made with Pro Stock leather which makes it durable and easy to break-in. It also features dual welting and a Honeycomb cell is used for padding. 

The Wilson A2000 is made up of a Custom Fit System that ensures it fits properly even if the tight fit is your preference.

Despite having all of these great features, the glove still has a comely appearance as it has a prominent white color but cool black and gold trim. This great color combination can help improve self-confidence and improves players' performance.

The performance of the Wilson A2000 is great for players who have small hands and it is highly recommended by coaches and professional players too. Get this glove if you want to climb the ranks.


  • Durable leather
  • Shapes easily after break-in
  • Heavy padding to lessen the sting
  • Very light


  • Comes out of package too stiff
  • Break-in is tedious


Louisville Slugger 11-Inch FG Diva Softball Infielders Gloves, Pink, Left Hand Throw

Louisville Slugger makes the list with one of the best softball gloves for infielders, especially for female players. 

The size of this glove is the reason it is known as the Infielder glove. Louisville Diva features short curved finger lines that allow the player to pick ground balls without difficulty and trap incoming ones.

The Louisville Slugger Diva is made from soft pig leather and is not tedious to break in. In fact, there is a possibility that you can have this glove delivered to you and you simply put it on immediately and practice or use it in a game efficiently. 

Louisville Slugger also created a small space for the index finger to slip out. This improves the grip of players and eventually improves their playing experience. 

The label on this glove is for "beginners" and it comes in handy for new softball players who intend to familiarize themselves with softball gloves and proper usage.

This makes the Louisville Diva a youth size softball glove. However, this does not exempt adults from using it, as those with smaller hand size can effectively use this glove compared to their counterparts with bigger hand size.


  • One year warranty
  • Affordable
  • Soft leather


  • Specifically for infielders
  • Only for youths
  • Not long-lasting


Franklin Sports Softball Glove - Left and Right Handed Softball Fielding Glove - Windmill Fastpitch Pro Series - Adult and Youth Fielding Glove - 12 Inch Right Hand Throw - Lime

It will be difficult to mention the best 2020 gloves without including the Fastpitch Pro from Franklin. This series of gloves is designed to last long with the mesh placed internally which also allows for glove stability. 

Players do not have to bother with breaking the glove because the mesh is soft. For this reason, it is easy to close and open the softball glove, and that readies you for catching your line drive.

The glove is fitted with an adjustable strap that sits a little bit above the wrist for players to adjust it until they're comfortable. That way it doesn't gag their hands because they have full control over it even while playing on the field.


  • Durable due to deep webbing
  • Lightweight mesh
  • The wrist strap is adjustable
  • Palm padding to protect the hand


  • Has only two colors
  • Highly recommended for beginners although other experience levels may use it

Best Softball Gloves Buying Guide

Understand that the position you play is a necessary factor in choosing your glove. Some gloves are suited for a particular position. Don't forget the cost too, as it is possible to get a cheap synthetic glove or splurge on a great leather mitt that will wear you out.

Also, don't forget that left-handed players wear their gloves on the right hand and the same applies to right-handed players. These are some of the important things to remember before choosing the right glove.


The webbing of your glove matters as long as you are catching softballs in the field. The glove pocket where balls are caught in is known as the webbing. 

You can choose from different webbing designs but the two prominent types are the “H” and “I” designs. Softball glove webbing is another famous type. 

Many infield players like to use this glove type. The three glove designs mentioned above are referred to as open webbed mitts. 

The closed webbed mitts are a different type and they allow the player to catch more aggressively. Players who mount at the pitching position are able to protect their grip with the closed web design.


Choosing the right size of glove is an important determinant in finding the right softball glove. The measurement of a softball glove is in inches starting from the tip of the index finger until it reaches the heel of the glove sitting on the wrist.

For catchers, the measurements are taken from the circumference rather than the length of the glove. This is to get an easy measurement of the gloves that will be used more for catching.

Best Softball Gloves

It doesn't matter the type of glove a player uses, the most important thing is that it is comfortable on the hand and the player is able to close and open the glove fast and with ease. A bigger than normal size glove can fall out and increase the difficulty in holding tight to a ball after catching.

Material and Pricing

These two qualities are lumped together because the glove makers often pair them together. People who do not want to spend much money can opt for synthetic gloves. Novice players and casual players can also opt for the synthetic glove.

Or simply go for the leather glove. Although the cost of this is way more than the synthetic you will use it for a longer time, and you can easily find one that matches your hand which is quite rare in synthetic gloves. If you are a serious player, using a leather softball glove is one way to prove it.

Breaking In A Glove

Before you choose a softball glove for yourself, consider the break-in period needed for it. For most products, it is written on the package or noted in the product details section if you're making an online purchase. However, do not think that you can buy a glove and use it for your game immediately without a break-in.

The gloves are often very stiff when you first get them and there will be difficulty in opening and closing. You can hurt yourself if you use a glove without breaking in. The process of breaking in can be hastened with using a glove oil during practice before a game.

Types of Softball Gloves

Just so you know there are quite a lot of gloves depending on your playing position. You can boost your general performance by choosing a glove that suits your position. These are some of the options available for gloves. 

Outfield Gloves

The gloves designed for outfield players are generally regarded as the longest. They make the finger slots so deep and it makes the pocket even deeper and eases catching of balls. The web design for outfield gloves is closed especially as the balls used in softballs are larger compared to those of baseball. 

The H webbing design that was hinted on earlier is being used for the majority of outfield gloves. This is to ensure the glove can be held up for tracking and also still function as a sun shield.

Catcher Gloves/Mitt

All the other gloves that players use have very striking different qualities from the catchers' glove. The catchers' glove is built with more padding since they're meant to be used to catch flying balls.

 There is also no individual slot for every finger. One thing to keep in mind when choosing a catcher's mitt is that it requires a longer break-in time because of the extra materials that went into its production.

Infield Gloves

The infielder's glove is built with shallow pockets and has a smaller size than the rest of the gloves used by baseball players. The opening and closing ability are fast and that makes it easy for players to do a quick transfer of the ball in their glove to another player.

Pitcher Gloves

When compared to all other gloves used by players on the field, the pitcher's glove is the lightest. This is often because the main concentration when building a pitcher's glove is in comfort. 

The comfort is considered more because they use it on very few occasions. The pitcher does not use their glove half as much as other players. The pitchers' gloves are built to be webbed and closed so that they won't let the competing team have an idea of the pitching moves they intend to make.

Best Softball Gloves - FAQ's

What size glove is best for softball?

A glove of 9-10 inches may be suitable for players below six years no matter their playing position. Players aged 7-9 will work well with a size of 10-11.5 irrespective of playing position. Infielders of 10-14 years can play wearing 11.5 - 12.5 inches and the outfielders can choose 12 - 13 inches.

What gloves do college softball players use?

The top softball players in college mostly use Rawlings, Wilson, and Easton. Before you buy a new glove check these brands to see if you can find your level of play and your style.

What is the best size glove for slow pitch softball?

Players of slow pitch softball have to use a bigger glove size due to the 12" size of the ball. The gloves for the slow pitch infielders will be sized around 11" to 12.5 for youths and around 12" to 12".5 for players older than 13 years.

What is the difference between a slow pitch and fastpitch softball glove?

Every softball glove is created to catch a particular ball size. The glove pockets in slow pitch are deeper than that of Fastpitch due to the high number of fly balls hit. The deep pocket of the glove simplifies the trapping of balls in a slow pitch but the webs in Fastpitch gloves are more shallow.

Can a softball pitcher use a white glove?

A pitcher shall wear a glove consisting of one solid color from the yellow, gray, or white optic. The other players can wear multicolored gloves. It is illegal for players to wear gloves with yellow, white, or gray optic circles that have the semblance of balls.


These are the best softball gloves that we recommend if you're having trouble making your choice. It is important, however, that you remember to consider important factors before making your purchase.