Best Baseball Glove for 11 Year Old Boy

If you’re looking to find the best baseball glove for 11 year olds, we’ve got you covered. Of course, you will always find a wide range of choices on the market and that’s because there are so many producers of softball and baseball gloves.

Any good product also has some downsides and that’s why we’ve created this review. In this detailed buying guide, we will give you an in-depth look into some of the most recommended 10 year old baseball gloves.

Best Baseball Glove for 11 Year Old Boy

You’ll also get to see their upsides and downsides.

In case you didn't know, one of the most important factors to consider when buying baseball gloves is the size. 

We also put together a section to discuss that, so keep reading to find out all you need to know about buying baseball gloves for your youth.

Top 5 Best Baseball Glove for 11 Year Old's

The best Baseball Glove for 11 year old

Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove, Regular, Baseball/Softball Pattern, Basket-Web, 12-1/2 Inch

This happens to be an outstanding creation from one of the most reputable names in the world of baseball gloves. 

Rawlings brings you the player preferred glove series which is obviously a piece of high-end equipment. Not too many products compete with this baseball glove and that's why it appears on this list.

It is not only durable but enhances the strength of the player regardless of how tough the season is. This is one of the most recommended gloves on the market because of its superior design and material construction. 

If you want something that will serve your child for a long time as they continue to grow in the game, get them the preferred glove series from Rawlings. 

Let’s also talk about the basket webbing that increases the convenience which players enjoy regardless of their playing position. The break-in process isn't rigorous and that's because it is designed with a full-grain leather shell. This construction assists in retaining the shape and promoting the ease of use. There are indeed so many reasons to recommend this amazing baseball glove from Rawlings. 

Apart from being strong and durable, this top-class player preferred baseball glove ensures your comfort and a snug fit. Why else would we recommend it as one of the best baseball glove for 11 year old? 

You'll also find that it comes with Zero Shock Palm Padding with the aim of ensuring optimum security for your palm. This gives you safety from the harsh effects of impact or rebound.

Another outstanding feature of this product is the Flex Loop Velcro Strap designed to increase adjustability. With this feature, players can remove or wear it with ease. You don't have to fear slip-ups occurring during the game.


  • Comes with palm padding to protect the player’s palm
  • Velcro strap for adjustments to fit all hand sizes
  • Easy break-in and shape retention with full-grain leather
  • Very durable, thanks to the leather construction
  • Great for all playing positions with its basket webbing


  • Best for right hand throw only


Wilson A1000 Baseball Glove Series

If you are someone that places so much importance on performance and strength, as well as appearance and design, you will want to take a look at the Wilson A1000. There aren’t that many products on the market that your kid would appreciate like this baseball glove series.

One amazing feature is the Pedroia Fit pattern designed to make the glove adaptable to all kinds of hands no matter how small they are. 

It also comes with an animal skin construction and the manufacturer has made sure to use a cowhide. 

That’s because of the level of strength and durability of the material. The break-in process isn't that difficult and shape retention is enhanced with the help of rawhide laces. 

The best part is that you don't have to break the bank to purchase the Wilson A1000. No matter how long you place demands on this baseball glove, it will stand the test of time. Apart from its beautiful aesthetics and unique design, it won’t fall off your 10-year old's hands and they will also feel comfortable using the product. 

The ease of control guarantees that your child will have an amazing experience on the pitch.

The bottom line?

Wilson draws upon their professional prowess to create a great-looking masterpiece that is not only beautiful but that comes with large pockets, durability, strength, and webbing style. If you are looking to have your child use the kind of equipment that allows them a great level of versatility, buy the Wilson A1000 today.


  • The break-in process is easy and fast
  • Comes with rawhide laces for shape retention and durability
  •  Premium material construction
  • Great design and aesthetics


  • There may be more durable materials than cowhide


Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Baseball Glove, Kris Bryant Model, Pro H Web, 11-1/2 Inch

It's one thing to have a 11 year old but it's yet another thing to get them a baseball glove that they will appreciate. 

What you want is something special and nice that helps them build confidence in their game. Rawlings has created the select Pro lite to help you achieve that. What you have here is a glove series that can serve both left-handed and right-handed players. What better way to make everyone feel included?

The break-in process is easy and relieves you of the stress of working so hard to get the job done. Once your kid uses this baseball glove made of leather material, they don't have to worry about sweaty palms while on the pitch. One of the best attributes is the lacing system that helps ensure that the gloves won’t slip off your child’s hands. You’ll also find that it comes with index finger and palm padding, as well as finger back lining. 

When it comes to fitting, you have nothing to worry about as the Rawlings select pro-lite baseball series gives you just the right fit. 

Once you slip it around the wrist of the player, it remains tight until the end of the game. 

Another feature that assists in guaranteeing a standard fitting is the pro taper fit designed to help accommodate very small hands without the glove falling off during a game.

Another important factor to consider is the protective attributes of your preferred baseball glove. When choosing the best baseball glove for 11 year old kids, you want something that comes with padding for the index finger and palm and that’s what this product from Rawlings promises. That means your child will stay protected from rebounds and all kinds of impact. 

Don’t forget to check out the cushioned finger back lining designed to make the fingers feel very comfortable during every game. 

The hands will stay dry and you get to benefit from and better perspiration, thanks to the leather material construction that is not only durable but very soft. 

There are so many reasons to fall in love with the select Pro lite. 

This should be your choice if you need a reliable product for your youth that guarantees great performance, as well as precision and comfort. The construction is not only durable but it will retain its amazing look for a long time. For this price, not too many gloves can offer you such a good again. This is a deal you shouldn't miss.


  • The leather construction is reliable, durable, and soft
  • Young players will find it to be lightweight
  • The break-in process is 90% complete
  • Comes with index finger and palm padding to provide hand protection and shock resistance
  • Equipped with cushioned finger back lining


Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove, 11.5-Inch, Right Hand Throw

Mizuno deserves its place on this list of best creators when it comes to sports gear. One area where they have such an outstanding reputation is in the world of softball and baseball glove production. 

There are many attributes of the Youth Prospect that deserve your attention – two of which include its outstanding performance and flexibility. 

The manufacturer uses a recent industry advancement known as The Heel Flex Tech to create this baseball glove. You'll also notice that it comes with the PowerClose features so that your kid can catch the ball easily.

Mizuno has been in the game for more than 100 years and can be regarded as pioneers who deliver quality every time. That's why many customers trust their products.

But that's not all as it is designed to cushion the effect of hard sting balls with the help of the Butter Soft Lining. This is quite a profound addition because of the high tendency of younger players to suffer injuries without the right gear. Similar to what the Butter Soft Lining does, the Para shock Palm pad of the Youth Prospect also works to keep the palm safe. 

It comes with a power lock feature to enhance optimum performance in addition to a warranty that lasts for 12 months. You’ll also love the Tartan Flex Web. Another feature is the ParaFlex Palm designed to improve the flexibility of the glove while making the break-in process easy.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Comes with ParaShock/ParaFlex Palm
  • Heel Flex tech
  • Equipped with butter-soft lining to improve security


  • The break-in period is relatively longer


Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series

There's no way in the world you can talk about premium baseball gloves or put together a roundup of awesome gloves without including products from Wilson. 

That's why we want to introduce you to the Wilson A2K infield baseball glove, a product with a sweet outer shell and palm lines intended to boost comfort and confidence.

Think of some of the features you expect from the best baseball glove for 11 year old and you will find it in this product. It also performs amazing functions, making it a highly recommended baseball glove for right-handed players. This should be one of your top picks if you are looking to find a glove that enhances your right hand through. 

That's because it is built with a premium material construction that isn't easily matched. 

The material construction possesses twice the strength of regular leather to guarantee you a long-lasting baseball glove. Most people tend to believe that the stronger the leather, the heavier the baseball glove will be. 

This is not to say that this isn't the case for many products but the Wilson a2k proves otherwise. Despite its strong material construction, it is not as heavy as many other products on the market. 

The Wilson A2K is also very easy to use and ensures that you enjoy that compact and firm feeling that comes from using a premium product. 

It delivers shape retention possibilities in ways that other products do not. So, no matter how long you use it, this baseball glove will serve your child for a long time to come. You’ll also notice that it comes with a double palm construction to improve the stability of the pocket. 

If you are concerned about what it takes to break in the glove, no worries. You can do it easily and faster and your child should be game ready in no time.

To make the product even more superior, Wilson did not forget to put your perspiration needs into consideration. Your kid won’t have to bother about sweaty hands that reduce the level of comfort they experience. 

Looking to find the best baseball glove for 11 year old? You’ll make no mistake going with the Wilson A2K baseball glove series. We won’t forget to mention that it also has wrist lining, as well as Dri-lex, added to promote a dry and cool feeling.

Not very many products on the market can match this baseball glove in terms of providing comfort and confidence.


  • Hand perspiration issues are taken care of
  • Comes with a palm liner for improved comfort
  • The design is one of a kind
  • Superior material construction to boost durability
  • The glove feels very lightweight


  • Available in a single hand Orientation


Rawlings Sandlot Series Leather Modified Trap-Eze Web Baseball Glove, 11-3/4', Right Hand Throw

We can't seem to stop talking about products from Rawlings, can we? Well, that’s because Rawlings happens to be a trusted name in the industry of baseball equipment production. This time, the focus is on the Sandlot baseball glove series built to cater to the needs of your 11 year old. 

The manufacturer created this with a throwback inspiration to give you a somewhat old-time design. 

As soon as you get this baseball glove, it comes 90% game ready and doesn't need so much work for you to break it in. Most of the break-in process is completed at the factory and the remaining 10% is up to you. 

The H web has a professional style look and it also features a conventional open back to improve flexibility while enhancing its classic look. You've got everything to gain when it comes to comfort and the user experience created is just superb.

There's no need to worry about your kid receiving all the impact that comes from rebounds and fastballs because Rawlings has also included Zero Shock Palm Pad. This feature has one simple job - to provide maximum security for the palm while working in connection with the index finger padding. 

The finger back lining feature is also ideal as it enhances comfort which helps your child perform better while doing what they love.

We’ve got so many reasons to ask you to consider buying this product. For one, this is your chance to give your child top-of-the-shelf equipment that will help them get more fun out of their game. 

Apart from enhancing how they perform, this is just the perfect baseball glove to make the opponents scared. The Rawlings Sandlot is available for a great price and its durability is not in question. It is all you need to get your child feeling like a professional. 


  • Offered to you at a reasonable price
  • Index finger padding to protect the finger
  • The company has completed 90% of the break-in
  • Long-lasting and durable leather material construction


  • This product could do with a fitting feature


Rawlings SPL120BH-6/0 Select Pro Lite Youth Baseball Glove, Bryce Harper Model, Regular, Pro H Web, 12 Inch

You'll find out this series has models that are equipped with Pro Taper Fit to ensure that the product fits the hands of your kid during their developing stages. This glove does a very good job, thanks to the lowered hand opening and finger stalls. 

This is one unique product that has lots of great reviews owing to the fact that Rawlings is one of the best in the game of baseball equipment production. 

Drawing inspiration from many professional player gloves, this manufacturer has created one that allows kids to experience the feeling of using gloves that resemble those of their best players.

This product is available in just 2 colors but that doesn't make it any less appealing. That's because most customers tend to prefer these 2 colors. 

And the fact that it has a Pro I Web makes it a good choice for infield users.

Thanks to the padding included for the index finger and palm, the Select Pro Lite guarantees shock resistance which is improved by the all-leather construction. You won't have to worry about your kid getting injured and they will use this product for a long time. Depending on what you like, you can buy this glove either in royal or black colors. 

For 11 year old kids and below, this glove is great and measures just over 11 inches. It comes with a finger back lining that has been cushioned to give your youth all the security they need even in very tough playing situations. 


  • Comes with Pro I Web
  • Equipped with palm and index finger padding
  • Styled to resemble a plethora of pro players
  • Adapts to developing hands, thanks to the Pro Taper Fit


  • Not the most durable product on the market


Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series

Next on the list is the Wilson A900 baseball glove which serves as proof of this manufacturer’s precision and patience. 

That’s because Wilson is dedicated to creating awesome baseball equipment to appeal to the preferences of customers. With this baseball glove, you’ve got yourself a product with a superb leather construction which ensures that young players enjoy great comfort while playing.

Does your 11 year old kid feature in many positions while playing on the pitch? Do you want something versatile that allows your child to perform in a number of positions? 

Then, you've got yourself a great product in the A900 built to serve the needs of left-handed players. The best part is that you don't have to shell out so much cash to purchase this baseball glove.

On purchasing this glove, you will find that it is ready for use as Wilson has already completed the break-in process. 

The leather material construction is very comfortable and gives you the added benefit of durability. Another impressive feature that makes the Wilson A900 a top product is that it comes with a double palm build. This attribute makes it even more flexible so that it accommodates the needs of your ten-year-old.

Regardless of your child’s playing style or position, rest assured that this baseball glove will meet their needs on the pitch and give them an awesome experience. If you need more reasons to understand why we recommend this baseball glove is one of the best for 11 year old, remember that it adapts to any playing position. 

Also, as soon as you unwrap it from the package, the child can get started without rigorous break-in needs. A top product indeed!


  • Opens up real good because of its low heel profile
  • No need for rigorous break-in requirements - ready for use on arrival
  • Very affordable rate for such premium features
  • Top-notch design of the glove pocket


  • This baseball glove seems to lack adequate fitting for some kids


Rawlings Heart of the Hide

Here’s another hot one from Rawlings designed to get your attention. With the rate at which this manufacturer creates new designs and premium products, it’s no wonder that they are one of the leading brands in the game. 

The Heart of the Hide is nothing short of superb and rightfully takes its place among the best. With this baseball glove series, you get value for your money. Let's delve into the product to see why it is recommended.

First, this baseball glove is built using steer hide leather which tells a lot about the level of durability to expect. 

The process of breaking it in is also easier than many other products on the market and it does a great job of creating a superb playing experience. It will interest you to know that Rawlings took care of the break-in process by up to 60%. This implies that you don’t need to do so much to get the baseball glove game ready.

Your 11 year old has got himself a perfect fitting glove that will boost their comfort and confidence on the pitch. This is possible as long as they are right-handed throwers. The level of comfort that this piece offers is unrivaled and unmatched. You are definitely in luck to have come across it on this list. Let's also tell you about the additional finger and palm padding to secure the hands and make them comfortable.

This glove is built to help your kid handle tough game sessions and it also comes with the popular open back design that improves the flexibility of the player while making the gloves easy to handle. 

There's so much to look forward to concerning the PRO205-9SHFS. It reeks of exceptionality and is one of the best when it comes to durability. We admire the easy break-in process in particular. 

That way, the stress you would originally have experienced is now eliminated by Rawlings.

Finally, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove is available in a classy appearance and great aesthetics. It is just the right product you need to give your kid the heart of a fully grown man. That's what you get when the manufacturer invests both time and patience to create an awesome product.


  • Comes with professional-grade laces
  • Great shape retention attributes even after prolonged use
  • The break-in process is relatively easy
  • Premium leather construction to prolong longevity


  • The manufacturer could do some work on the fitting and include more safety features


Wilson A700 Baseball Glove Series

A baseball glove from Wilson features yet again on our list and you already know why. They know what it takes to create products that solve problems for customers, especially as individual wants tend to be unlimited. 

Give it up for the A700 baseball glove series which comes with appealing aesthetics. 

We consider this model to be special and just the right equipment for young stars looking to improve their playing style and intensity levels.

One impressive feature of the A700 is the level of durability that it boasts and that's because of the full-grain leather construction materials used to create this infielder’s glove. Another point of concern is usually how much is required of you when it comes to the break-in process for gloves. 

If that’s a problem for you, there’s nothing to worry about as the manufacturer completed most of that process at the factory. 

The shape retention qualities of the Wilson A700 baseball glove series will blow your mind and this is possible because it comes with pro laces. That means that regardless of how intense your demands of this glove are, it will put up with all that. 

This baseball glove does not compromise on its style or shape. You know that it is not everyday you come across very durable products like this one, especially since it promises your 11 year old great comfort. 

Keep in mind that the A700 is very durable and soft and that's because Wilson utilized full-grain leather to create it. 

The producer made use of cowhide in particular. In all, your child will feel very comfortable on the pitch using this soft leather baseball glove. All you have to do is sit back and relax while you watch your child run the show. 

Let’s also remind you that the Wilson A700 comes with great aesthetics. Even if it isn’t the symbol of every feature that you would want from a baseball glove, it does a good job of meeting the needs of your kid. With a good price point, you shouldn't have a problem buying this baseball glove for your 10-year old infielder.


  • Most of the break-in is factory completed
  • Comes with durable leather
  • Great shape retention attributes, thanks to the strong pro laces
  • Beautiful design and a nice blend of colors


  • May not be the most snug-fitting baseball glove on the market


Rawlings Renegade Baseball/Softball Glove Series

Finally, on this list of the best baseball glove for 11 year old, we bring to you yet another amazing product from Rawlings. 

It's safe to say we recommend it as arguably the best gloves for youngsters looking to get more from their game and propel their careers. 

Rawlings completed more than 80% of the break-in process so that you won't have to worry about getting the gloves ready for game time. We also like that it is affordable which means you don't have to sacrifice an arm or a leg to get this baseball glove for your youngster. 

You will also notice that it comes with a basket web design with the purpose of accommodating any playing position. That’s what you get when you buy the Renegade Glove Series.

Another feature to consider is how the palm surface is designed. Rawlings built it in a way that increases the efficiency of catching fastballs without worrying about the effects of heavy impact or even rebounds.

Apart from the obviously amazing design of the renegade gloves, it also excels when it comes to how much comfort players experience while using this piece. 

There is so much to love about the Rawlings renegade and that's why it takes its place on this list. 

Some other features that make it a standout product include the index finger padding, as well as the cushioned palm padding, that have a high density. 

The purpose of the padding is to keep both the fingers and hand of the players safe while enhancing the seamless, snug feeling that they get from using a premium product.

We won’t forget to mention the shape retention attributes. Get these baseball gloves for your 10-year old and see if they will not jump with excitement.

The renegade is something any baseball youngster would desire and it's great for young kids looking to get the best out of themselves and improve their playing skills. Remember you don't have to break the bank and you still get value for your money.


  • Durable leather construction that improves longevity
  • Very flexible and comfortable, thanks to the lightweight pro mesh
  • Comes with the index finger and palm padding to keep the hands and fingers secure from impact
  • Equipped with basket wedding designed to accommodate any type of playing position
  • The break-in is almost complete


  • The manufacturer could do a better job at making it have a better fitting

Baseball and Softball Glove Size For 11 Year Old Boy

If you are into baseball, you know how challenging it can be easy to find a baseball glove size that is perfect for your ten-year-old. 

This is something that happens to many persons and we get regular emails from people looking to find the right size.

Even if you have so many years of experience buying baseball gear, it still is possible for you to get it wrong. In this section, we will let you in on everything you need to know concerning buying the best baseball glove for 11 year old that fits just right.

Size of Baseball Glove for 11 year Old Boy

Two key factors influence your ability to find a baseball glove size that is right for your 11 year old. These factors happen to be their age and position of play. Let's delve into them to see why they are so important.


This is one of the key determinants when trying to decide the best size for your youngster. If you are looking to buy a baseball glove for 11 year old boy, you want to find something that is bigger. That's because you can't use the specifics of kids who are 6-7 years of age since they will obviously be smaller.

Also, when compared to older kids of 16-17 years of age, you want to find something smaller because going with their specifics will cause you to end up with a much bigger glove size. But that's not all there is to think about because it can get confusing sometimes. 

This is true since your child will obviously start to get bigger at some point. You need to be careful because you may not necessarily have to change their baseball glove, especially if they are infield players.

So, an infield youngster can make do with an 11-inch baseball glove and you don't have to worry about changing it as they grow. This glove will become even more fitted as they continue to grow. That’s why you need to consider their age among other factors before buying. 

Playing Position

As mentioned earlier, another important area of consideration is the preferred position of your 11 year old. There comes a time when they can utilize baseball gear meant for grown-ups but this entirely depends on where they love to play. 

If your kid loves to play outfield, then consider buying them larger baseball gloves because they have the responsibility of securing the ball. They do not really have much to do when it comes to quicker plays

But a smaller glove makes more sense if your kid is a middle infielder. That's because it's their duty to engage in plays that tend to be faster and quicker. With the help of the smaller glove, their transfers will be swift and quick.

Check out this list below that shows the ideal baseball glove sizes for 11 year old kids –

  • Shortstop: 11 to 11.5 inches
  • Outfielder: 11.75 to 12.75 inches
  • Pitcher: 11.5 to 12 inches
  • Third Base: 11 to 11.75 inches
  • Second Base: 11 to 12 inches
  • First Base: 11.5 to 12 inches
  • Catcher: 30 to 32.5 inches

Size of Softball Glove for a 11 year Old

A lot of persons do not realize the importance of working with a sizing chart to determine the right size of softball glove to buy for their kid. This happens to be one of the mistakes you need to avoid. Some sizes that you think apply to baseball are not to be entirely counted on. Let’s take a look at some positions:


This type of glove is designed to have holes for the fingers. You'll also notice that it helps players catch larger balls faster with the help of a deep pocket.


The catcher glove is also known by many to be the catcher’s mitt. You will notice that they are devoid of any specific finger hole. The manufacturers design it with very strong reinforcements and heavy padding to make it so thick. That's because it helps to stop the throw from a pitcher during a game. The design helps to mitigate the direct effects of fastballs.


People who play in this position do not really have to bother much about how their glove performs or what the structure looks like. They are mostly concerned about how comfortable the glove feels. That’s why you notice that gloves of this nature usually come with closed webbing which could be a 2-piece web or sometimes a basket web.

That way, the pitcher can conceal the ball from the batter so that they do not see their grip. That’s because the ability of the batter to see the grip means that they can predict the kind of pitch coming their way.

Third Base

These kinds of baseball gloves are usually larger because they allow the third base player to handle quick hits with ease.

Second Base

This kind of baseball glove is simplistic and relatively smaller. The reason for this design is that it allows the player to make throwing and catching transitions very fast. 

First Base

The design of this kind of glove is similar to that of the catcher. It also has channels for individual fingers the same way you will find on a catcher’s glove. But there's one big difference between them in that the first base glove has a pad that is thinner. It also tends to be longer. Another thing to note about this glove is that it helps to retrieve the ball easier with the help of a shallower pocket.


The kinds of gloves preferred by these players are usually of medium size. Since they tend to venture into the mid-pitch area, these types of baseball gloves don't need to be very small or big. Medium size gloves help their throws to be more effective and allow them to take care of ground balls with ease. 

If you have a 11 year old that plays softball, always put their playing position into consideration before deciding what glove to purchase. Here is a softball sizing chart below to help you decide what’s best for your 11 year old:

  • Third Base: 11 to 11.75 inches
  • First Base: 11.5 to 12 inches
  • Infield: 11 to 11.5 inches
  • Outfield: 12 to 12.75 inches
  • Pitcher: 11.5 to 12 inches
  • Catcher: 30 to 32.5 inches

Top FAQs and Facts about Best baseball Glove for 11 year old

If you are looking at different products to consider before buying the best baseball glove for 11 year old, you need to know that certain factors and facts must be put into consideration. Of course, technology will continue to advance which means you should be aware of special features, as well as new additions. These updates are designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of baseball gloves.

In terms of facts, a good baseball glove needs to have these key features before you place it on the list of the most premium products on the market:

Construction Material

Many manufacturers like to use leather to create their baseball gloves. This leather could be synthetic or may undergo some form of treatment. You will mostly notice how different they are in their longevity and how they feel. Although leather gloves tend to be among the best, you may have to spend more to get them. To predict how much a glove will likely cost, you just need to determine how quality the leather is.

Treated leather baseball gloves tend to be softer but this doesn't mean they are not strong. They also are easier to break-in and maintaining them doesn't require so much. As such, treated leather gloves are known for their longevity. 

On the other hand, synthetic leather gloves are not as expensive as other forms of leather gloves. Apart from being the best for budget buyers, they are mostly recommended for young players. That’s because they are user-friendly and also very durable. Since your 11 year old kid will eventually grow bigger than their baseball gear sometime in the future, you can then consider buying a more permanent option.

Glove Padding

How well is the baseball glove padded? Never make the mistake of overlooking the glove padding. You also want to consider your kid’s playing position when thinking about the baseball glove's padding. That’s because your preferred glove should have the right kind of padding for the position. One type of glove that tends to carry more padding than the others is the catcher’s mitt.

That's because this playing position bears the brunt during most parts of the game. Manufacturers now insert more padding around the palm and finger areas. There is a technique known as shock palm padding. This feature is responsible for reducing the effect of impacts or rebounds.

Glove Fitting

This is also another important feature to consider because it affects how well a player will perform on the pitch. Regardless of their level of experience or their age, players want baseball gloves that have a snug fit. 

The gloves don’t have to be too tight or too loose. The best gloves you can give your 11 year old is one that won’t fall off at every little turn. 

You also want to be careful to not buy them a baseball glove that is too tight.

With this in mind, you can look for baseball gloves that come with wrist adjustment capabilities. These features keep the glove stuck to the hand of the player throughout the game while making them feel comfortable. Manufacturers can create wrist adjustments in different forms such as D-rings, Velcro straps, lacings, or buckles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best youth baseball glove?

It can be quite challenging to decide the best when it comes to baseball gloves. You must consider so many factors including playing position, age and sizing before choosing. But we took care to prepare this guide that brings you the most recommended baseball gloves, including their upsides and downsides.

Is maintenance needed for my gloves?

Consider creating a maintenance routine if your gloves are made of leather material. You will need to find a way to get them oiled from time to time. One determining factor concerning getting your leather glove oiled is the weather. That’s because dry environments mean your glove will need regular oiling. 

How do I measure the size of my glove?

A measuring tape can help you get a perfect measurement of your glove. Start by measuring from the index finger's tip through the till of the palm and right down to the glove's heel. If you do it right, you will know what your glove's measurements are.

How do I know when it is about the right time to replace my glove?

If you notice visible signs that your baseball glove has begun to deteriorate, consider replacing it. A loss of the shape of your glove may also be an indication.

What Brand is regarded as the best?

You'll find a wide range of manufacturers who create awesome products. But some of these brands are more reliable and credible because they’ve built a reputation in the business of creating trusted products. These companies are highly-ranked because of how reliable and durable their products are. Some of them include Rawlings, Wilson, and Mizuno.


If you have read this guide up to this point, we are positive that the information laid out has given you an in-depth analysis of what you need to know about buying baseball gloves for kids. You will always find new brands and products on the market.

But choosing the best baseball glove for 11 year old kids depends on many other factors. That’s why we created this list of top products to choose from. Take care to go through all of them and consider your preferences before deciding what option to go with.