Best Softball Cleats

Softball like any other sport is an intense activity that involves a lot of movement on a field. It is mostly used for recreational activities and is very similar to the game of baseball. 

Playing a good game in softball would require that you have the right gear including the best softball cleats for a game.

To get the satisfactory softball cleat requires that you spend some time, energy, and effort to find the best softball cleats. This is because playing on a field involves a lot of sudden movements and turns which can be tasking with the wrong shoes.

Best Softball Cleats

The good thing about softball footwear is that we now have access to companies that focus on designing and producing suitable footwear for different games.

There are different softball cleat options depending on your position of play, your feet, and your budget. Softball is not played on smooth floors, the floors are usually covered up with grass and are sandy. 

So during running or pitching, your footwear will likely be caught up in a lot of dirt that can make or mar your game. 

This is one of the reasons you need to try out different softball cleats before making a final choice to help you get the best from a game.

Traction is very important in a game and in softball cleats selection. There are so many softball cleats options to be picked from but this article will discuss a few of them and we'll go on to give suggestions and serve as a guide just in case you need to make future purchases.

Take note that making a softball cleat selection is way more complex than buying random footwear. This is because you have to make sure the softball cleats meet all or most of the requirements of good softball footwear. 

It should allow breathability, comfort, and good traction. It should also be built or designed to last for a long time, which is only possible if the best materials are used in its production.

Top 5 Best Softball Cleats


Under Armour Women's Glyde RM Softball Shoe, Black (002)/Cerise, 5.5

  • Low-top style
  • Lightweight
  • Full-length midsole
  • Molded rubber cleats

The Under Armour Women’s Glyde RM is a best seller because of its lovely features. It is also quite affordable and appeals to softball players and lovers who want good softball cleats without breaking the bank. It is of the low top style and can be gotten in different colors. The design is exceptional and appealing.

The upper part is made of synthetic material which explains its lightweight and flexibility. The forefoot is made of textile and has a special coaching cutting coating which increases its ability to last long. 

It is really comfortable and allows you to stay relaxed even after wearing it for a long time. The meat store is a full-length glide REM that gives it the soft feel and keeps the pressure away.

While on the field during play or practice, the constant pressure that comes from pitching or running is bearable as a result of the extra cushioning effect that it has. It also protects the feet and toes from getting sores or bruises while at play. 


  • The cleats are made of rubber material which makes it durable and gives good traction. 
  • It is molded rubber so it allows use on any type of field or surfaces.
  • It is designed especially for comfort and efficient play on the field without worrying about bruising and discomfort on the field and also takes care of shock absorption.


  • Some reviews have shown that it can be really tight on the initial purchase and use which can make it a bit stiff.


Mizuno Softball Footwear Low Womens Metal Softball Cleat

  • 9 spikes
  • Padded collar/tongue
  • Full-length midsole
  • Lightweight

Mizuno is known to always deliver quality footwear and their softball cleats collection is no exception. It has been designed to provide comfort and help achieve the best player and satisfaction while on the field. 

The midsole is full-length and has adequate padding for comforts and it also carries waveplates from the parallel ends of the insole that helps with shock absorption and balancing on the field.

It has a 9-spike cleat which also helps in balancing and great traction during pitching, running or practice. It is available in about six different colors which can be customized to personal taste. The upper part of the Mizuno Swift 6 is made with leather, increasing its durability and improving its aesthetics. 

It also covers the needs of those with wider feet and is the perfect choice for those who prefer a stronger feel of footwear.

The tongue and color come with extra padding that makes it really soft and comfortable and the two areas have perforated designs that keep it aerated and functional despite the weather condition.

The Mizuno Swift 6 has a lacing system that helps you to adjust the grip allowing you to make it either tighter or lose but making sure you have enough support on the field. 

The spikes are made with metal and distributed through the heel and toe areas. The spikes, padded midsole, collar, and tongue, increase the comfort felt while wearing it.

It has good features that put it on the bestseller list. it is quite affordable without sacrificing all the essentials of a good softball cleat. 


  • It is well padded for comfort and allows speed and great traction. 
  • It is lightweight and has perforated front keeping it properly aerated.


It is quite expensive and hardly a good fit for narrow feet.


Mizuno Women's 9 Spike Swift 4 Fast Pitch Metal Softball Cleat

  • Full-length midsole
  • Padded tongue
  • 9 spikes
  • Lightweight

The Mizuno Women’s 9 Spike Swift 4 has 9 spikes for balance and traction in play, training or running. Its best features amount to comfortability, breathability, and durability. The lacing system is amazing because it allows you to adjust it and share the perfect group while in use on the field. 

The midsole is full-length and provides great support and a soft feel which provides the cushioning effect.

These softball cleats have perforations that give room for adequate aeration and keeps the feet stable at all times. It is lightweight because of the materials used in its production.The design is pleasant to the eyes and it is quite affordable.

The spikes allow perfect traction on the field while pitching, running, or even making Swift turns and dashes. 

It is lined with mesh that allows you to cope on any type of field whether wet or dry. It offers the perfect grip and is not heavy, improving speed and comfort. It can also be gotten in various designs and colors. You can get it customized into the specifications of your choice. 


  • The upper parts of the Mizuno women’s spike fall are made of synthetic leather which ensures its durability.
  • It allows great traction, gives the soft and cushioning effect and it is not heavy at all.


  • Getting it in all preferred sizes may be a problem, so you may have to consider getting an inch more or less than your original size.


Mizuno Men's 9-Spike Advanced Erupt 3 Mid Molded Cleat Black/White 6

  • Full-length midsole
  • 9 spikes
  • Synthetic material/leather
  • Excellent grip

If you are looking to buy a softball cleat with great traction, comfort, durability, and breathability, then the Mizuno ADV Erupt 3 should be your next buy. Its footbed is of the EVA full-length design and provides maximum comfort. 

It is lined with fabric that allows aeration and makes it suitable for all weather types.

In addition, the Mizuno Erupt 3 has a plush tongue and collar which when combined with the full-length EVA, provides the soft feel and relaxing cushioning effect. Its traction is top-notch and is not hindered by pressure from the ground to feet impact. 

It can also be used as an all-rounder because it is suitable for play in other sports too.

It is made of synthetic leather in the upper part for durability and comfort. The 9-spike outsole helps with great stance and traction at play and practice.  It also allows use on any type of field allowing players to range between fast and slow pitching. 


  • The outsole is designed to give support to the forefoot, helping with flexibility and better control. 
  • It is quite affordable. 


  • Some users have complained that it is not absolutely good for running but focusing on its other amazing features, it is a good buy.


UA Under Armour Spine Glyde ST Cleats Womens Black/White - New

  • Synthetic material
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • 4D foam insole
  • Highly durable

The Under Armour Women’s UA Spine Glyde is suitable for players and lovers of softball who often complain about their softball cleats not lasting long. 

It is designed with the best quality of materials to ensure that it is durable, breathable, and comfortable. It is the perfect footwear for play and practice in any field.

The upper layer is made with synthetic leather material which increases its durability and improves performance on the field. It is of the low-top style making sure it allows a pitcher to be fast while maintaining stance and agility.

The toe piece is designed with abrasion-resistant material which keeps it from wearing out as a result of constant pressure and friction. With traction, there’s a lot of friction and dragging of the feet, but the abrasion-resistant feature serves as protection while pitching.

The midsole has a remarkable chassis in the spine that acts as extra support to the feet. The insole is designed with a molded 4D foam which allows the feet to relax into it and gets the soft and cushioning feel. 

This prevents the feet from getting sore after a long time of play or practice. The outsole allows swift movement and change of directions without losing grip and maintaining traction. It is like a rotational design aiding great traction.


  • It is abrasion-resistant
  • Has extra padding for comfort.


  • It may require that you make occasional abrupt stops because of break-in.

Best Softball Cleats Buying Guide

There are a number of factors that have to be considered when trying to make a purchase of the best softball cleats. 

Every individual is unique so it is definite that no two people must have the same softball cleat choice. Factors like your type of feet (wide or narrow), requirements of the organization, the position of play, design, and budget. You also have to consider major factors like the type of cleats and the style of the softball cleats.

Types of Cleats

The three major types of softball cleats are the metal cleats, molded cleats and turf cleats. They are designed to perform different functions.

Metal Cleats

Most softball players prefer metal cleats because they offer great traction and stance. They dig into the field or dirt with ease and come out swiftly without resulting in any hindrance to performance. They help to improve performance on the field and even speed. In most cases, they are prohibited for official games and are usually limited to practice and training.

Molded Cleats

The molded cleats are usually made of rubber and are safer in the field. Unlike metal cleats, they do not have the potential to cause a lot of injuries or accidents in the field. They are durable and usually less expensive. 

They are also easier to use especially for new and young softball players. There are two options for the molded cleats: the soft molded cleats and the hard molded cleats. The hard molded cleats are used by older and more experienced players. 

The molded cleats are usually lighter in weight than the metal cleats and they cover more pressure points and tend to be softer and comfortable than metal cleats.

Turf Cleats

Turf cleats are usually designed and produced for practice and running. They are mostly recommended while playing on delicate surfaces because they are designed to protect the turf or field. 

They do not have spikes like the rubber or metal cleats so they are practically multi-purpose athletic footwear.

Things to Look for in the Softball Cleats

Requirements and Regulations of the League

Sticking to the rules of the league is very important. In very rare cases, metal cleats are allowed, but they are usually coated with hard rubber. So you have to check to ensure that you are using the right type of cleats. In most cases, it is required that rubber or plastic cleats are used.

Type of field

You also have to consider the type of field you will be playing on. Before the games start, there will be practice sessions. Will the practice sessions take place on turfs or grass and dirt fields? If you will be playing on regular grass fields, you may be allowed to use the metal softball cleats. 

You need to make sure that you have the right cleats to suit the type of field you will be playing on. It may be safe to go with all types of cleats or go for softball cleats that are capable of performing generally.


You may consider going for softball cleats with cushioned lining and socks. This is because if your softball cleat has good padding, it will protect your feet and reduce the pressure that comes from ground to feet impact.

Materials used

Different materials affect softball cleats patterns in different ways. You want to pick softball cleats designed with synthetic materials because they're usually lightweights more affordable and breathable. Leather materials are good too but may be quite expensive.

Best Softball Cleats - FAQ's

Is there a difference between softball and baseball cleats?

There is a slight difference. Although baseball and softball players have to use molded cleats in games, baseball players are allowed to use metal cleats too. But in softball, only molded cleats are mostly used.

Are metal cleats allowed in softball?

Following regulations from the NCAA, metal softball cleats are permitted but they must have a coating, usually hard rubber. It also goes with the organization that has the responsibility of stipulating the type of cleats allowed in a game. If metal cleats are to be used, they must be shaped like a rectangle and not round.

Are metal or rubber cleats better for softball?

Metal cleats allow better traction in the field because they plunge in and out of the ground easily. On the flip side, rubber cleats last longer, are reliable and can be used on any type of field, whether dirt, grass, or smooth fields.

How do you break in softball cleats?

With your softball cleat on, plunge your legs in warm water and soak them for a while. The water will help soften and make the process faster. After soaking for a while, maybe a few minutes, remove them from the water and take the baseball cleats off your legs. Make sure you properly aerate your baseball cleats.

Can cleats cause ankle pain?

It is highly possible especially if you’ve been using the wrong type of softball cleats for your feet. There are reported cases of softball players who were placed on the sidelines after being diagnosed with injuries related to the ankle or leg as a whole.


Under Armour softball cleats, Mizuno, Nike, and New Balance softball cleats are reliable and trusted companies that produce softball cleats that meet the requirements of a good softball cleat. 

Some of these companies go as far as taking customized orders and making them affordable for customers to get the best softball cleats of their choice. 

Do not confuse baseball cleats with softball cleats. They are quite similar but different in certain ways.