The Best Youth Baseball Cleats for Wide Feet

Only baseball players with wide feet are familiar with the struggles of finding the right-sized cleats for their feet. You may think that footwear doesn’t play a huge role in baseball, but what if you knew the difference a perfect pair of cleats will make to your game?

Most players with wide feet struggle to find good cleats for their wide feet, but you should know there are plenty of options in the market.

Most manufacturers have recognized this problem and thus come out with cleats that have been designed for people with wide feet.

Best Youth Baseball Cleats for Wide Feet

If you’ve been looking for them, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve done the hard work for you and reviewed the best youth baseball cleats for wide feet. 

Best Youth Baseball Cleats for Wide Feet

Youth baseball is riding a massive wave of popularity and, for a good reason, as the next pro baseball player needs to come from somewhere. One of the most important pieces of gear you need in baseball is your cleats. If you’ve got wide feet, you would know that there are limited options.

However, you need not fret anymore, as we bring to you the best youth baseball cleats that have been designed for players with wide feet. 

Top 5 Best Youth Baseball Cleats for Wide Feet


New Balance Men's 3000 V4 Turf Baseball Shoe, Black/White, 11 M US

We’ll kick things off with what we felt was the best option out of the rest, and it’s the New Balance Men’s 3000v4 Turf Baseball shoe. It features a large portion of rubber cleats attached to the sole of the shoe and is common in youth programs. They construct the cleats with a strong synthetic material that guarantees superior comfort and durability.

If you’re looking for quality youth baseball cleats, it’s preferable to opt for rubber cleats as they are strong and stable and can be worn on surfaces like asphalt and concrete. 


  • Excellent durability
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes
  • Has a rubber sole
  • Built with synthetic material


Under Armour Women's Leadoff Low RM Baseball Shoe, Black (001)/Team Royal, 7

The Men’s Leadoff Low RM Baseball shoe is another top choice amongst players with wide feet as has an aesthetically pleasing look and design. It is also priced affordably. Designed by Under Armor, this baseball shoe has been constructed with strong synthetic leather that guarantees superior flexibility and durability. 

This baseball shoe has strong rubber cleats that provide optimal traction and extra durability, and it comes in a variety of different sizes.


  • Comes in 8 color variations
  • Low top shoe 
  • Good for extra flexibility
  • Exceptional step-in comfort
  • EVA midsole for cushioning and distribution of cleats pressure


Nike Air Huarache 2K Filth Elite Mid Mens Baseball Shoes Royal/White 8

You can always expect superior quality from Nike when it comes to sports shoes or cleats, and they delivered once again with the Huarache 2k Filth keystone Mid baseball cleat. These cleats come with rubber soles that are flexible and strong while ensuring long-lasting durability.

The cleat has closure with a front lace and comes in 6 different sizes so you can easily find it in the right size for your feet without issues. The cleats have a superior design, and people of all ages can wear them; these benefits make them one of the best options for people with wide feet.


  • Built with innovative designs and fabrics
  • Front lace closure
  • Comes in a variety of sizes


adidas Men's Freak X Carbon Mid Baseball Shoe, Black/White/Onix, 3 M US Little Kid

The Freak X Carbon Mid baseball cleat from Adidas is a top of the line and one of the most popular youth baseball cleats on the market.

Adidas is an iconic athletic brand, and you should expect nothing but top-notch quality from them. They deliver on their promise with these outstanding and affordable baseball cleats. 

Designed with 100% synthetic leather and featuring a stylish textile design, it gives kids great movement and flexibility on the field. The cleat performs well on any surface, whether you’re playing on grass or dirt.

The molded rubber sole on the outside allows for greater grip and traction, so you don’t slip or lose balance on the field of play.


  • Versatile cleat design
  • Vinyl acetate midsole cushioning
  • Affordable price


Mizuno 9 Spike ADV YTH FRHSE8 MD BK-WH Youth Molded Cleat (Little Kid/Big Kid), Black/White, 3.5 M US Big Kid

Mizuno is a Japanese athletic company, so you may not be familiar with the brand, but it is widely considered to be one of the best manufacturers of sports equipment and athletic gear.

Mizuno has crafted some of the best youth baseball cleats, and their 9-spike cleat is perfect for kids and adults with wide feet. It features a simple design and has a neutral color scheme that will match with any uniform.

It has a full-length midsole that optimizes comfort, and the rubber studs are built-to-last a long time. They are versatile cleats and will perform on grass fields and dirt with the 9-Spike Advanced design affording to superior grip and traction on the field.


  • 9-Spike Design
  • Versatile rubber studs
  • Full-length midsole cushion
  • Simple black and white design


Hopefully, the five youth baseball cleats for wide feet that we have reviewed will help you find the right footwear for your kids on the field of play. The great part about these youth baseball cleats is that they are all affordably priced and are extremely durable, so you get great value for money.

In the end, what matters is getting the right gear for your kid so they can perform inhibited on the field and truly shine to become the superstar they always dreamed they would be. The purpose of this article is to guide you in the right direction by highlighting the best picks out there, and hopefully, we’ve managed to do that. Good luck.