The 10 Best Baseball Podcast Reviews


Nowadays, listening to Baseball podcasts is another way to enjoy the game. Recently, podcasts are in great trend to gather every information about the game. It provides news of MLB, Baseball tips, and much more. Here, we will be discussing the 10 best baseball podcasts that are quite famous for enjoying the game.

The 10 Best Baseball Podcast Reviews

1. Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney:


It is one of the popular and best baseball podcasts which has been live since 1990. ESPN MLB Insider, Buster Olney, led this podcast. He works for ESPN as a senior American Columnist. He points to baseball discussions along with other analysts.

There are more than 100 episodes of his podcasts about reviews and analytics of different games. The podcast includes interviews with players and coaches to get an in-depth view of the league without watching it.

2. The Ringer MLB Show:


Ben Lindbergh and Michael Baumann, the staff writers at Ringer partners, hosted the Ringer MLB Show. In this podcast show, these two persons cover all the big and silly stories about the game and also break down all the Yankees baseball games.

The show was about interviewing other Ringer writers, insiders as well as plugged-in media partners. Every person from The Ringer was involved in the show. It began in May 2016 with two episodes every week. Currently, there are over 150 podcast episodes available.

3. Fantasy Focus Baseball:


Two ESPN experts named Eric Karabell and Tristan Cockroft host this podcast. Both are the senior writers at The producer of the show, Daniel Dopp and the baseball analyst, Stephania Bell also appears on-air along with these two experts.

They talk about fantasy baseball and also provide game overviews, previews, and injury reports. Many baseball fans listen to the episodes of the podcast, which is on-air two times in a week. It is one of the favorite sports talk platforms for many baseball fans.

4. Fantasypros Baseball Podcast:


This podcast provides all the information regarding hard-hitting baseball analytics. It started in March 2016 with the host, Bobby Sylvester. He presents a live discussion with many game experts. Bobby co-host with Mike Tagliere, who is a DFS writer and MLB Prospects.

The podcast is about to complete its 100th episode and has become the best baseball analytics information, provider. You can get all sorts of tips about the game and an opportunity to listen to many experts and correspondents. You can get a detailed analysis of the latest game news from this podcast.

5. Baseball America:


Baseball America is another source of information that was sold to Alliance Baseball LLC by TEN (The Enthusiast Network). The CEO of Alliance Baseball LLC, Gary Green, and entrepreneur, President Larry Botel, are quite passionate about the baseball game.

The slogan of the podcast is “Be a Better Fan” that shares all the information regarding prospects by the host, Kevin Kramer. The podcast covers all the information from the development point of view of the player.

It tells all the things that are happening in the baseball game. The podcast started in 2016 with an analysis of minor as well as major leagues.

6. Atlanta Baseball Talk:


It is another weekly-based podcast that focuses on all the things about Atlanta Braves. It is one of the oldest as well as dedicated baseball podcasts that began in February 2010. The show has more than the best 400 episodes on baseball.

The host of the show is Jeremy Brisiel, who has won awards as a host, writer, and digital content producer. This show provides detailed insights and all the deep conversations with experts on the game of baseball.

7. Fantasy Baseball Today Podcast:


It is one of the most comprehensive fantasy podcasts that keep baseball fans thoroughly entertained and updated. It began in May 2016. The hosts of the podcast are Adam Aizer and Scott White, which are also CBS’s sportswriters.

In this podcast, you will get detailed information and predictions about the game. The show’s hosts have quite in-depth knowledge about the game and its facts. You will love to list the updates of the game via this podcast. It is a better way to know the updates of the game in brief than watching a big game.

8. Fantasy Baseball 411:


You can listen to baseball updates on this podcast with hosts Fred Zinkie, fantasy baseball expert and writer, and Matthew Leach, the columnist. Sometimes, fantasy baseball writer, Al Melchior also shares fantasy details of the game.

When you listen to the podcast, you will get information on the baseball 411 cheat sheet. The show began life in February 2015. It is a beneficial podcast for all the fans that like to play fantasy baseball games daily. You may need this podcast to win the game.

9. Baseball Central:


This baseball podcast is the best way to know about all the baseball activities. The show started on September 25, 2017, and it airs between 12:00 to 1:00 PM from Monday to Friday. The owners of the podcast are Dirk Hayhurst, retired Major League Baseball pitcher, and Sam Cosentino, a Sportsnet lead CHL analyst.

The host of the podcast is Kevin Barker, who is a retired American baseball player in Major League as the first baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays, San Diego Padres, Milwaukee Brewers, and Cincinnati Reds.

He co-hosts with Jeff Blair, a host at Sportsnet 590 the FAN. They discuss baseball stories and updates of major and minor leagues. These hosts are not only baseball fans but also good entertainers.

10. Baseball HQ Radio:


It is one of the best baseball podcasts which started in January 2012. It provides detailed analysis and updates of the baseball game. The host of the show is Patrick Davitt, who is a die-hard baseball fan as well as an intelligence analyst.

You can get weekly insights about the fantasy baseball game. If anyone wants to know about the winning team, then it is a must to listen to Patrick. He is one of the entertaining hosts for all the baseball updates.