Gamechanger VS iScore: Which Is Better For Baseball Scorekeeping?

Recent technological development has ushered in the use of digital apps for scorekeeping purposes during baseball matches. 

Now the real question is, iScore vs. Gamechanger, which is the better of the two? Since both are rated and praised highly by thousands, a real comparison can help you make up your mind. 


Using paper and pen to keep score during a game is a thing of history. These days, with the help of digital apps like Gamechanger or iScore, we can conveniently track baseball scores. I have been digging into various aspects of these two sports apps of late.

Now I thought of writing an article encompassing a comprehensive idea on the workings, similarities, differences, and the cost factors of both of them. 

iScore vs. Gamechanger: Which is Better? 

Gamechanger and iScore are apps meant for keeping baseball scores effectively. These software are equipped enough to take care of every nook and cranny of scorekeeping. 

If you are worried that they might be good only for the rudimentary level of baseball games, then that's not the case. You can use Gamechanger or iScore for various levels of matches, starting from youth baseball matches to pro-level ones. 

Both of these apps can be used on iOS and Android devices. This means you can install and run them on iPads, iPhones, smartphones, and tablets. Downloading and installing either of these apps does not require any payment. 

They are free. However, once you run them, you will find several features that you can only enjoy if you make some in-app purchases. 

While comparing two similar apps, pointing out the similarities is perhaps as important as comparing them based on their differences. 

So, let's take a glance at the similar features that the apps offer: 

  • Scorekeeping — The primary function of both the apps is to keep the score of baseball matches in an easy as well as effective manner.
  • Statistics — Taking a quick look at the stats of the on-going match is a breeze on both Gamechanger and iScore. You can check out the season, as well as the stats of each player's career.  
  • Rosters — Both apps have the provision for entering names of all players along with the position they are playing in. 
  • Streaming Match Online — You or any of your friends might want to maintain a track of all the previous matches, which they can do so using these apps. Both apps have the feature of online match streaming.

 Now that we have already elaborated on the similarities. It’s time for the iScore vs. Gamechanger comparison. But first, let's look at how a scorekeeping app makes things easier. 

Why Would You Need A Baseball Scorekeeping App?

 You could go about keeping scores by using the ancient method of pen on paper, but that is time-taking, inconvenient, and the chances of errors are high. 

So, let's discuss why you must install at least one of the apps. 

  • Tracking the baseball match becomes easier with the help of these apps. Just a few taps on your device screen can reveal the scores as well as the stats of the baseball players. 
  • As these apps provide all the data conveniently, both players and the coach can track the lacunas and form a better strategy for improving the game. It helps in analyzing things better. 
  • Families, friends, and fans can have the joy of following any match because you can use the feature of live updates on both these scorekeeping apps. 

Which App Is Easier to Use?

Ease of use is a crucial factor that prompts us to install or discard an application from our device. Hence, it is an inevitable aspect to shed light on while discussing ‘iScore vs. Gamechanger.’

The UI of Gamechanger is comparatively easier than iScore. You can navigate through it easily as compared to the other app. However, with this app, you will take a little while to learn using the advanced features. But learning all the features is worth your time because they can be of immense help in keeping track of the match and managing data. 

While using iScore, you can operate it using a touch screen iOS and Android device. Installing and setting it up is easy. You can get it all done within a minute. But understanding the features will be slightly tougher. Discovering things will take a bit of time.

At this point, it might be noteworthy to point out that the developers of iScore are actually from Sports Illustrated Play, which is a cloud management platform. 

Pricing Options

 If good experience is one of your priorities while using scorekeeping apps, then it will be wise to go for the in-app purchases that enable you to use the premium features. 

iScore offers more competitive pricing as compared to Gamechanger. It also has a simpler price policy. It lets you use all the premium features at a flat rate of $4.99 per device. 

Gamechanger charges higher than its rival. There are two price plans. You can opt to pay $2.99/month if you are trying it for the first time and aren't sure whether or not you would like this app. Once you are convinced of its utility, you can go for its annual plan that comes at $29.99.

The premium plan of Gamechanger is priced even higher. The price is $7.99 per month. If you want to take an annual subscription, the price is $49.99. The premium plan lets you use stats and charts. These are features that help you to strategize efficiently.

Live Streaming Feature

 In the context of iScore vs. Gamechanger, there exist certain differences in the arena of live streaming.

While using iScore, fans can watch live streaming of a baseball match either by iScore Central App, which iOS and Android devices support. Or, they will have to log into the Scorecast Viewer to watch it. Irrespective of the way you access the live streaming, you will be able to view play-by-play game updates while being able to enjoy a thorough live cast of the baseball field.

With Gamechanger, you can just use your smartphone (or any other device) for following the match as it unfolds. This app updates you with notifications from time to time as the match proceeds. 

It also lets you enjoy the live cast of the field. A terrific feature of Gamechanger is that it has a game stream radio that adds a whole new dimension to watching matches online. 

Which App Is More Popular?

Both apps have an immense number of users. But if you take it to a comparative scale, I will have to say that the Gamechanger scorekeeping app is somewhat more popular than iScore, despite its higher pricing policy. 

We based our analysis on the download-figure from the authorized app stores. While iScore has about 1,00,000 downloads, Gamechanger beats the number by five times with a whopping 5,00,000 downloads worldwide. 


Declaring a champion of the iScore vs. Gamechanger face-off isn't an easy task, given the fact that each has an advantage over the other. While iScore is more reasonably priced, the Gamechanger app is equipped with an integrated streaming radio for live games. As both are free, we suggest installing both before taking a pick.