How much do high school baseball coaches make?

What variations affects the coach’s salary?

There are a few things that will affect the salary that a high school baseball coach will earn, we have compiled a list here:

  • Experience: the coach’s experience in teaching and coaching baseball will affect the salary they receive, as well as the overall amount of experience they have for teaching. Someone could know everything there is to know about baseball, but if they have only got one year of teaching experience, they will not be on as high a salary as someone who has more experience teaching.
  • Track record: this could be considered part of experience; a coach will need to have a clean and well-established track record in order to be considered for a higher salary.
  • The size of the school: the size of the high school will also determine the amount of money that the coach receives, just as this would affect the salaries of all the teachers.
  • The location of the school: this factor takes into account that some high schools will be situated in areas that receive less funding for one reason or another. Therefore, the geographical location can have an effect on the salary that a high school baseball coach earns.
  • Coach’s education: again, this comes under experience and track record. But where those two things can get better through the years of teaching, the coach’s education will remain the same.

So, what is the average salary for a high school baseball coach?

In 2010, the median salary of a high school baseball coach was $30,830. This average is obviously affected by some of the lower and the higher salaries, but is an average nonetheless. But in 2020, the average salary was around $42,286.

This change in ten years could be due to one of many things. The most obvious answer is that teachers may just be paid more in the last ten years.

How much do high school baseball coaches make

Can this salary change?

Just like with other jobs, your salary can change. This could be due to promotions, better performance or simply a raise. In high school baseball, there tends to be more than one coach present.

There is usually a head coach and then sometimes the coach to each team. With this in mind, there is a chance that a normal coach could one day be promoted to a head coach of the high school baseball team. This would inevitably change your salary.

Is there another way to make money when you are a high school baseball coach?

Usually, a high school baseball coach will be teaching something else alongside coaching the baseball team at the school. Because of this, they are likely to receive their teaching salary and then be paid a stipend for coaching baseball each year.

Because of this, the average salary that high school coaches receive is actually higher than the salary of a regular high school teacher. On average, a baseball coach at a high school will work 39 more days a year than a regular teacher.

Outside of the high school environment, baseball coaches will also sometimes work at baseball camps in the summertime when school is out.

Is there a next step for high school baseball coaches?

For some people, coaching at a high school level is enough. But for others it can be a rung on a ladder to bigger things. A lot of high school coaches will go on to compete to become coaches at Little League level, and even to Minor and Major League Baseball.

The only reason that they would have an opportunity to do this, is if they performed well as a high school baseball coach. This brings us back to the list at the start: experience, track record and even education will come into play when a baseball coach is making any step up the ladder in coaching.


The salary of a high school baseball coach will vary depending on a few factors. The main things that affect salary are the size of the school, the experience of the coach and whether they are head coach or not. But the average salary in 2020 is around $42,000.

This will include their teaching salary plus a coaching stipend, since coaches at high school will teach as well as coach. A lot of high school coaches will choose to try and make it in the Minor and even Major League Baseball coaching roles.

This is only made possible if they are proven to be good at their coaching jobs in high school.