How much is parking at Angel Stadium?

If you are planning a trip to Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, for a baseball game, you will probably want to plan your trip and all of the details in advance.

 One detail that you will want to look into ahead of time is the cost of parking and the different types of parking that are available to you.

Can I reserve ahead of time?

Yes, if you want to be super organized, you can reserve a parking spot ahead of time for your trip to Angel Stadium, there are a few websites that provide this feature and are easy to find online.

Reserving online will mean that you have one less stressful thing to worry about on the day of arriving at the stadium; since you know that you will have a parking spot ready for you, there will be no arguments or stress that comes from trying to search for a parking spot when you need to be in the stadium for the game to start in ten minutes time!

What are the parking rates for Angel Stadium parking?

This depends heavily on the type of parking that you want to go for. Angel Stadium’s parking lot has a few different tiers of parking types and your desired choice of parking spot will have a different price to others. Here is a list of each tier:

  • Easy exit parking: there is a parking lot closer to the exit called the State College Boulevard park. This is the perfect one to use if you need to leave the stadium quickly after a game.
  • Premier Parking: this parking area is reserved for season ticket holders as well as people who are in the Lexus Diamond Club or Field Club sections. There are only up to 126 spaces available in this area.
  • Preferred Parking: this is where the general public begin to be able to park. For $20 you can pay for a preferred parking spot that is nearer to the stadium itself and means you will get into the stadium quicker for a game and get to your car quicker when the game is over.
  • General Parking: this is the most basic level of parking and the one that most people will opt for. It costs $10, so half the price of preferred parking. This is the price for regular season games of baseball and could be altered for when the stadium is used for other things like concerts etc.

Can you get Angel Stadium parking passes?

Yes, although general parking only costs $10, you can pay $20 for a preferred parking pass in advance.

This will allow you to enter into the stadium parking lot earlier thanks to the express lane as well as a gate system that will favor holders of a preferred parking pass.

This is probably a better option for people that like to plan ahead and want to avoid the stress of finding somewhere to park when they are travelling to a destination. 

The Preferred Parking pass is only $10 more than the General Parking pass and will mean that ever leg of the process is far smoother for your visit to the Angel Stadium.

Should I get to the Angel Stadium parking lot super early?

This is primarily down to personal preference. But in terms of timing, the parking lot opens two and a half hours before the game starts each time.

It is suggested that the parking lot fills up before the star of the game within those two and a half hours. With this in mind, it is probably wise to aim to get to the stadium at least an hour before the game begins.

This is especially important for holders of a General Parking pass, since there are no systems set in place to make sure that they get a preferable parking spot like there are for the upper tiers of parking.

How many parking spots does the parking lot have?

The Angel Stadium parking lot is made up of 12,500 spaces. This includes all of the different tiers of parking levels, as well as a selection of handicap parking spots.

You can rest assured that if you get to the stadium parking lot in a reasonable amount of time before the game begins, you are likely to find a relatively good parking spot.


Parking at Angel Stadium in Anaheim is separated into different tiers. This won’t affect you unless you are a season ticket holder or a member of the clubs on offer.

The General Parking pass, which has the most spaces, is $10. And the Preferred Parking pass, which allows you to park closer to the stadium, is $20.

This difference in price definitely comes with its perks. You are advised to reserve your parking pass online in order to avoid disappointment on the day of the game if you arrive late and cannot find a spot to park.