Can you bring food into Angel Stadium?

The short answer is that you can in fact take food into Angel Stadium. But there are some other rules that you will need to abide by so that you do not get sent out of the stadium for something that you did not know about.

Security measures

The Angel Stadium, being a large communal sports stadium, obviously has a lot of security regulations. When you arrive at the stadium and walk in, there are metal detectors and other security screening methods.

This is because the safety of the fans and staff alike are of paramount to the Angel Stadium. There are a few different steps to the security measures that you will need to comply to in order to take your food into the stadium.

What food can I take in?

You can take your own food into the Angel Stadium, but not in bulk. This will mean that you should be able to fit it into a bag that does not exceed the 16” by 16” by 8” limit.

You can bring food that was made at home as well as fast food that you bought outside the venue.

Can you bring food into Angel Stadium?

What will get turned away?

You should keep in mind that, although you can bring outside food into the stadium there is a list of prohibited items that you may not realise are not allowed.

There are no cans, glass bottle or thermoses allowed in the stadium, so consider this when you want to bring drinks in. You cannot bring in a drink bladder like a Camelbak, since this is not a sealed drink.

You also cannot bring in wrapped packages, this is one to consider if you are a wrapping up your food in a certain way. Make it obvious that it is still food so that you do not get stopped and sent away.

Can I take a bag into the stadium?

Yes, you can take a bag into the stadium, there is nothing stopping you from doing that. But in order to be able to take your bag and personal belongings into the Angel Stadium, you will need to check that your bag complies with the rules.

All bags will be checked at the gates, so keep in mind that, for your safety and the safety of others around you, someone will have to look into your bag. This is a necessary safety precaution.

What size bag can I take into the stadium?

There is a limit to the size of bag that you can take into the stadium. As long as your bag does not exceed the dimensions of 16” by 16” by 8”, you will not need to worry.

However, if your bag exceeds this limit, then you will not be allowed to take into the stadium. Keep this in mind when you are packing to see a baseball game, you do not want to be refused entry due to the size of your bag.

Can I bring drinks?

You can bring drinks to the stadium, but there are certain rules that apply. You are not allowed to bring a cooler into the stadium that is hard-sided.

You are also not allowed to bring any kind of alcoholic beverage. But drink boxes and drinks that are factory sealed are permitted into the stadium. Similarly, you are allowed to take in a water bottle that is plastic, store bought, and store sealed.

But this water bottle cannot exceed the size of one liter. You can also bring in any factory sealed drink that is water, flavored water, or even a sports drink that is up to one liter in size.


So, you can bring food to the Angel Stadium, just be mindful that you will have to keep the bag size to the rules, as well as have your bag searched upon arrival.

There are some things that are prohibited in the stadium that could affect the way that you pack food up for the game. But the bottom line is that you can bring food to Angel Stadium, as long as the way that you bring it in complies with the safety rules of the stadium and staff.