20 of the Best Baseball Quotes to Motivate Young Baseballers

Best Baseball Quotes

Baseball is one of the famous sports that is played across the world. It is the national bat-and-ball game of the United States between two opposing teams who take batting and fielding turn by turn. Every year, many youngsters enrol in this game and start playing it. But, after some time, they generally leave the game due to lack of motivation and hard work.

It is essential to go through the best baseball quotes to get motivation with time. A person may feel upset or depressed after started playing with excitement, and after some time, he is unable to play that game. These quotes keep up the dedication in the player and allow him to try again and again, till then he becomes a perfect player.

In the following write-up, we will be discussing 20 of the best baseball quotes that help in motivating young baseballers. Read some of the precious lines or phrases said by many baseball players or coaches. It is the best way to connect with the baseball game and inspire yourself to play better and becomes one of the best baseball players across the world.

How Baseball Quotes Motivate Young Baseballers?

Baseball is such a game that needs so much dedication and hard work. Youngsters start playing this game with so much enthusiasm, but after getting stuck in so many hard rules and hard work, they quit easily. Every time a person needs to be well motivated to kickstart again and achieve its goals.

These motivational quotes help such people to renovate their thoughts and continue playing baseball with more hard work and dedication. Sometimes, a line or a phrase let one person follow the person who said those lines and make him his fan. A young player starts making plans and follow his mentor to get motivated and try to become the best baseball player like his mentor.

The inspirational quotes are said in such a way that it influences the minds of young baseballers and make them achieve whatever they desire by rejuvenating their thoughts about this game. It is quite challenging to become the best baseballer but not impossible. These quotes are like small steps of a ladder that helps a person to step up one by one with confidence and hard work.

20 Motivational and Best Baseball Quotes

Baseball players and coaches say many famous inspirational baseball quotes. These people are connected with this game with so much passion, dedication, and love. They have dedicated their each second of their life to baseball. Let us know their ways that help us to believe how amazing is baseball and get the motivation to connect deeply with this game.

  • “In baseball, one of the great things is that once there will be a situation where you always want to be and where you should reach down and prove something” – Nolan Ryan
  • “When my hands carry a bat, I never smile. That time, you should be serious.” – Hank Aaron
  • “In the world of baseball, there are three kinds of players. One who makes it happen, second who watch everything happen and third who always wonder what happens.” – Tommy Lasorda
  • “Yes, baseball is a game as well as a business. But, truly, it is disguised combat. The baseball is almost leisurely pace and is violence under wraps. There is nothing wrong with that. A man needs to release his anger, and it is the best way to do so rather than confrontation with his fellow man.” – Willie Mays
  • “Baseball is a long-suffering game. If anyone does not have the endurance to overcome tough times, failure, bad luck, bad hops and everything that try one’s patience and then he would not last long in this game.” – Peter G. Doumit
  • “When I am unable to hit, I never blame myself. Instead, I blame my bat, and if it continues, then I change my bat.” – Yogi Berra
  • “I can do the only thing is to play baseball. I have to play the ball, and it is the one and the only thing I know.” – Mickey Matte
  • “One of the best things about baseball is that there is no need for many things to play. You only need a bat and a ball. Even, there is no need for glove but, a lot of imagination for playing baseball.” – David Ortiz
  • “I have confidence in the church of baseball. I have gone through many religions, and I worshipped Allah, Siva, Brahma, Vishnu, Isadora Duncan and mushrooms. I know all these things. For example, in Catholic rosary, there are 108 beads, and similarly, there are 108 stitches in the baseball. After learning that, I gave a chance to Jesus. But it did not work, and the lord laid guilt on me. But there is no guilt in baseball and is never boring. I have tried the only church that feeds my soul all day is the church of baseball.” – Ron Shelton
  • “Baseball is like a church that is attended by many but understood by few.” – Ty Cobb
  • “Baseball is like a life with high volume.” – Victor Alexander Baltov
  • “Baseball is like an art, a drama, and a ballet without any music. So, let us give the game a Greek chorus.” – Deborah Wiles
  • “It is difficult to interpret a democratic republic without baseball for the instructions given to its citizens.” – Michael Novak
  • “There is a crisis every day in baseball.” – Gabe Paul
  • “The average bench age is deceased.” – Tommy Lasorda
  • “Baseball is like driving, and a one who counts gets home safely.” – Tommy Lasorda
  • “Baseball is the intellectual game because it runs in your head.” – Henry Kissinger
  • “It is necessary to learn baseball who wants to know the heart and mind of America.” – Jacques Barzun
  • “Baseball can be played anywhere.” – Josh Leventhal
  • “My job is to give a chance to my team.” – Nolan Ryan


The best baseball quotes are the best ways to motivate young players. All precious words by famous players and coaches inspire youngsters intensely to play baseball with full passion, dedication and hard work.