How does baseball improve hand-eye coordination?

Are you considered to be a little clumsy because you drop things from your hands? Do your friends call you ‘butterfingers’? The truth is that you may have poor hand-eye coordination, and that is the reason why you drop everything you get your hands on.

The good news is you can improve your hand-eye coordination by simple addition to your lifestyle, start playing baseball. Your mind must be Oogling with one question “How does baseball improve hand-eye coordination?”

This article will set out to answer this question for you.

What is hand-eye coordination?

According to AZ Central, hand-eye coordination allows your eyes to indirectly coordinate your hands.

To do this, your eyes send electrical signals to your brain that give information about what you see.

Your brain then transmits signs to your hands instructing them how to move in reply to these motives.

This complicated process happens in a split second, but mistakes in the process can result in complications coordinating movement and difficulties with learning-related tasks such as reading and writing.

There are many ways that baseball can improve hand-eye coordination and your health, here are a few:

The benefits of improved eye hand coordination

The benefits of improving a child’s hand-eye coordination are numerous. By improving hand and eye coordination a child’s ability to hold a pen is improved, as is their general writing ability.

How does baseball improve hand-eye coordination

Improved hand-eye coordination gives you the ability to multi-task, throwing a ball is not just randomly throwing a ball into thin air, there is planning involved in to too. You have to aim to make sure the ball is not being thrown too fast, too slow, too high, too low.

Even though as adults this is not something we take into consideration for children this is major skill development.

Improved hand-eye also encourages faster reaction time which helps tasks like driving later in life.

How does baseball improve hand eye coordination?

Baseball can help you and your children develop more than just friendships when playing the game whilst most of us think that baseball is just a game that is fun and a good workout, it is a sport highly recommended for children that need to develop their hand and eye coordination, particularly children aged 3-11 years old.

How to train your child for better hand-eye coordination

Play catch during baseball training

Depending on your child’s age use a ball that is suitable, accordingly. For younger children a softer ball is recommended and for grown-ups use a regular baseball, instead of jumping straight to a baseball game take your child out to a baseball training session and on alternate days, teach them how to catch.

Give them a baseball glove and throw the ball at them and ask them to catch it, they may not succeed the first time, but eventually, with practice, they will become better at catching and therefore develop stronger hand and eye coordination.

Drop the ball

This is for slightly older children, tell them that they need to catch the ball before it bounces twice, even if this isn’t a necessary part of the game this is recommended for hand and eye coordination and improves reflexes.

Give them a target that they must catch at least 5 balls during the game before it bounces twice. This will also help them work on their speed and will allow them a form of competitiveness with their opponents and themselves.

Be a better fielder

A baseball player, but a poor fielder? No one is going to want you on your team so better get practicing the hand and eye and come back in the field and give our teammates a run for their money (literally) a great way to practice is by throwing the ball off a wall and catching it.

This will make you a better baseball player and simultaneously improve your neuron motor skills. Do this multiple times a day,you can even do this in your room provided you have strong walls.

Be better at baseball by practicing these skills

Most baseball training sessions and the game itself can do wonders for your skill development, but is important that you incorporate these into your day to day lives.

Pen them in to your schedule for at least 4 times a week and divide them into sets of 20 X 3 sets. In a couple of months you will become a baseball champion. As they say practice makes perfect.

Final thoughts

So to answer the question “how does baseball improve hand-eye coordination”? In order to be a good baseball player, you need to train a lot. Most of the baseball training session includes working on skills that improve our hand and eye coordination, such as: catching a ball off the wall, bouncing the ball and catching it etc.