Why Are Some Baseball Gloves So Expensive?

If you’re a parent looking to buy baseball gear for your child, you’ve probably come across the wide price gap in baseball gloves.

On Amazon, you’ll find gloves that range from about $20, all the way to some that are well north of $300!

Well, what’s the difference, and how will an expensive glove make a better fielder? We’ll try to get to the bottom of it in this article.

Why Are Some Baseball Gloves So Expensive?

The main difference in prices for baseball gloves is the material the glove is made from.

With some of the cheaper gloves, you’ll find that the quality of the leather is nowhere near as good as it would be in a more expensive glove.

In my opinion, there is a massive difference between say a $40 glove and a $150 glove, but not as much difference between a $150 glove and one that is the absolute top of the range.

However, that is my experience. I know players who own top line (over $500) gloves and swear by them.

Why Are Some Baseball Gloves So Expensive?

What Makes A Baseball Glove Good?

There are plenty of things that make a baseball glove good and a lot depends on the position that you play.

A lot depends on the type of player you are too. If your reactions are quick and you need something smaller and lighter, go with that. If you’re slow and need a big glove with more room for mistakes, then use a glove that allows that.

However, most of the functionality and performance that comes from a glove how comfortable it is.

If you’re in the outfield for nine innings chasing pop flys, you don’t want to be uncomfortable in your catching hand. That is why it is so important to break in your glove and shape it to fit your hand.

The better the leather, the easier the glove will be to mould.

Will A Better Glove Make A Better Fielder?

Short answer… no.

Long answer… hell no.

Sure a better quality glove will make life a little better, however, most of the value that comes from a glove is how well you break it in.

Although, as mentioned before, it is true that the higher quality the leather, the easier it is to break in. You’ll find that with higher quality and more expensive gloves comes leather that is more able to be shaped

However, the fact that you have a $500 glove won’t instantly turn an average player into a superstar.

When buying a glove, like anything, it is important to shop within your means.

Hell, if all it took was a $500 glove to make it to the majors, there’d be a whole lot more people buying expensive gloves.

Final Thoughts

While the price of baseball gloves will alter, it is important to find a glove that is comfortable and flexible.