Can Baseball Pitchers Wear Sunglasses?


Can Baseball Pitchers Wear Sunglasses?

Yes, sunglasses are permitted to the pitchers unless umpire thinks they are distracting like mirrored lenses that shine in the batter or the umpire’s eyes. Sunglasses help in finding the fly ball in the sun, and that is what a pitcher has to do.

So, pitchers must wear sunglasses while playing baseball. It’s just that an umpire does not want pitchers to wear dark or mirrored sunglasses because he won’t be able to see the eyes of the pitcher.

What is an Elite Vision of Baseball Players?

In professional leagues, hitting a pitched baseball is described as the most challenging task in any other sport. A baseball is barely 3 inches in diameter and is pitched at the speed of over 90 km per hour. It takes less than a half-second to reach the plate.

During that time, the batter must judge the pitched ball and decide when to swing in just those milliseconds.

The quicker the batter judges the type of pitch to be thrown, the more time they need to prepare for their swing, i.e., hitting earlier on the fastball and later, on the curveball.

Baseball players can see more precisely than the average person. They have an extraordinary ability to focus on an object. The normal vision of an ordinary person is 20/20. On the other hand, baseball players have the visual acuity approaching 20/12.

Baseball players can see from 20 feet away while the average person can see from 12 feet. The elite vision of baseball players indicates the ability to judge and successfully hit a pitched ball quickly.

It is not correct that all baseball players have this 20/12 vision, but 20% of the players use corrective lenses while playing. Players with 20/20 vision, wear the corrective lenses to get to the level of this elite vision.

You can check for these refractive errors and correct them. With newly corrected elite vision, you can play the game in a better way and win it too.

What is the Use of Prescription Glasses?

Near-sighted players need to wear prescription glasses, or they can wear contact lenses on the field. For the safety of prescription glasses, it is essential to take care that it should be secure enough not to fall when you are pitching, running or fielding.

It means that in case you fall, then the glasses should be safe enough and it won’t harm your eyes.

You can go with a frame that comes with a strap so that the frame gets firmly attached to your face, and the chances of falling it are minimum. You can also wear professional sports goggles which are specially designed to use the prescription glasses on the field.

These goggles are safe to use and reduce the risk of any eye injuries during the game.

If you are intended to use the prescription glasses, then you should wear a helmet with a face mask. But it can increase the chances of injuries.

It is better to use contact lenses instead of glasses. Contact lenses will minimize the risk of injury and ensures your sight remains clear throughout the game without any hassle.

What is the Use of Sunglasses to the Baseball Players?

Sunglasses are used by the players while playing the baseball game. It helps them in avoiding direct sun rays shining into their eyes. Wearing sunglasses is not prohibited by any rule of baseball, but can be objected to in many leagues.

Most of the umpires accept the use of sunglasses on the field as they serve a general-purpose. But some objects use sunglasses on the field as they are very shiny and reflective to distract other players.

In adverse weather conditions, the umpire allows the players to use sunglasses as per their choice. They can choose to wear it for proper vision. A player does not wear sunglasses off when there is no need, such as during rapid fielding.

Why Should a Pitcher Wear Sunglasses?

  • Protection: Sunglasses are a shield between your eyes and the outside world. It provides excellent protection to the eyes. Baseball glasses help the players to dirt out of their eyes. Being a pitcher, it is necessary to see the sign of catchers.
  • Anti-Reflecting Coating: Stadium lights can be exceptionally reflecting in your eyes while playing the game. The anti-reflecting glasses reflect bright light of the sun in the day or bright stadium lights in the night. These glasses help the pitcher to see the catcher’s sign and track the fly balls.

What are the Drawbacks of Wearing Sunglasses?

Keeping your glasses clean is very important to see clearly. Sometimes, a player often struggles to clean the glass on the field.

Microfiber cloth is the best choice for cleaning the glass, and you can also wash the cloth if it gets dirty. It is essential to clean the glasses to avoid blurry vision.

What if a Pitcher Wears Contact Lenses?

Wearing contact lenses is the best choice if your vision is not clear. Sunglasses protect contact lenses from dirt and sweat.

But some people find difficulty in wearing contact lenses because it can end up in drying your eyes by a reduced amount of oxygen getting into your eyes. If the player wears sunglasses over contact lenses, then it keeps the eyes fresh and prevents it from drying.

Final Thoughts

Most of the MLB players wear sunglasses but can baseball pitchers wear sunglasses? There is no rule forbidding any pitcher to wear sunglasses while pitching.

The reason umpire does not want pitchers to wear them because of the color or the glare that can easily distract the batter or the umpire. Sunglasses help in keeping the eyes cool and prevent direct UV rays and bright stadium lights into eyes.