The 15 Best Baseball Stadiums in the MLB


The 15 Best Baseball Stadiums in the MLB

1. Tropicana Field (Tampa Bay Rays):


This stadium was opened in 1990 at St Petersburg, Florida. The seating capacity of the ballpark is 25000. Today, it is famous as an indoor ballpark in MLB. It has a retractable roof to protect from unpredictable weather.

In the past five years, the team, the Tampa Bay Rays, ranks in the bottom three of the attendance. The biggest perk of this stadium is that visitors can park their cars if they have at least three people in the car.

2. Chase Field (Arizona Diamondbacks):


It is one of the big baseball stadiums i.e., situated in Phoenix, Arizona. It was inaugurated in 1998. The stadium features a hot tub, a swimming pool, and a retractable roof.

The temperature of the city is always high, and that’s why the retractable roof is compulsory. The stadium has comfortable seats, which allow 48,686 fans to enjoy the game together.

3. Guaranteed Rate Field (Chicago White Sox):


It is another MLB stadium that can unite a large crowd of baseball fans. The stadium was opened in 1991 in Chicago, Illinois, with a seating capacity of 40615 people. Every year, the White Sox draw some of the worst attendance figures of the league.

The stadium got the highest marks in food and drink. It is a fantastic baseball stadium with big screens, cushioned seats, charging ports, and other facilities for fans.

4. Marlins Park (Miami Marlins):


Marlins Park is situated in Miami, Florida, with a seating capacity of 36742. It was opened in 2012 with too many controversies. Many baseball lovers from South Florida come here to enjoy the game. In 2018, the lowest number of fans appeared to watch the game.

It is famous for the kitschy charm, which includes a bobblehead museum, an aquarium, an on-site night club, and an environment-friendly place.

5. Progressive Field (Cleveland Indians):


It is one of the smallest ballparks in the MLB. The Progressive Field is located in Cleveland, Ohio, with a seating capacity of 34788. It was opened in 1994. In every season, the Progressive Field averages the lowest attendance of the leagues.

It provides a great view of downtown Cleveland to the fans sitting there. Many visitors appreciated that the stadium’s Pierre ice cream is delicious.

6. Comerica Park (Detroit Tigers):


This famous baseball stadium in Detroit, Michigan, was opened in 2000. It has a seating capacity of 41083. The amenities are unique about this stadium because it may bring the inner child of the baseball fan.

The ground includes a working carousel and a Ferris wheel, including cars that look like baseballs. The fans can enjoy the downtown skyline. The staff of the stadium is perfect and liked by many visitors.

7. Great American Ball Park (Cincinnati Reds):


It is another one of the best baseball stadiums in the MLB, which is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was inaugurated in 2003 with a seating capacity of 42319. Mostly, the baseball fans get the tickets to enjoy the game and hotdogs.

On the other hand, the people seated on the upper decks enjoy an appealing view of the city, Ohio river, Northern Kentucky, and the game.

8. Petco Park (San Diego Padres):


This stadium is known for its nice bathrooms. It is located in San Diego, California, with a seating capacity of 40209. It was opened in 2004. There are many attractive spots of this stadium like fantastic weather, beautiful views, and an amenity known as the Park at the Park.

The tickets for the stadium are very affordable. Any person can enjoy the game by investing very less amount.

9. Kauffman Stadium (Kansas City Royals):


The famous stadium was opened at Kansas City, Missouri, in 1973. It is one of the old baseball stadiums with a seating capacity of 37903. It features an HD video scoreboard in the center of the field. The size of the screen is 105 feet by 85 feet, which is considered to be one of the biggest screens in the world.

The stadium is mostly filled with families and devoted fans. Therefore, it is safe to watch the game with a good crowd. The exciting crowd makes the game quite interesting and enthusiastic.

10. Oracle Park (San Francisco Giants):


The Oracle Park was opened in 2000 in San Francisco, California, with a seating capacity of 41915. Many perfect games took place in this stadium. Some of the well-known players hit many home runs like Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, etc. The McCovey Cove, an open water body, is adjacent to the field.

11. Minute Maid Park (Houston Astros):


This stellar stadium is located in Houston, Texas. It was opened with a seating capacity of 41168 in 2000. It features a train that runs on 800 feet track on the top of the left-field wall. Houston’s Union Station is the historic landmark on the site. It was the railroad transportation of the city for many years.

12. PNC Park (Pittsburgh Pirates):


It is one of the highly-rated baseball stadiums which is situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It has a seating capacity of 38747, which was opened in 2001. The skyline view is the highlight of the stadium. It is a fantastic baseball park for families.

13. Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewers):


It is the highest-scoring stadium opened in 2001 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a seating capacity of 41900. The retractable roof is a must to enjoy the game in all the seasons. Your kids can also enjoy the world-famous Sausage race and mascot Bernie Brewer.

14. Busch Stadium (St. Louis Cardinals):


It is a baseball heaven stadium which is famous for the skyline view. The village is located outside the stadium that makes the game more entertaining. It is located in St. Louis, Missouri, with a seating capacity of 45494. It was opened in 2006, and every year, it has one of the best attendance averages.

15. Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox):


It is the oldest and impressive baseball stadium, which is over 100 years old. It is famous for the 37 feet tall green monster and the single red seat located in the right field, 502 feet home run by Ted Williams in 1946. It was opened in 1912 in Boston, Massachusetts, with a seating capacity of 37755.