Why do Baseball Players Wear Gold Chains?

Why do baseball players wear gold chains? It is not weird to see baseball players wear one or more than one gold chain.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Gold Chains?

The player that made this practice famous was Manny Ramirez. Out of his jersey, one could see him wearing anywhere from 3 to 5 gold chains.

Another example is Mookie Betts. He would wear gold chains every time he hit a home run. Here are the reasons why this practice is common among these players:


Gold is a precious metal, and it looks beautiful. Some players are earning millions of dollars reasons for which they can afford buying these types of products from respected jewelers.

Some players won’t button their jerseys entirely to show their luxurious belongings, namely, gold chains. I guess they may make them even more popular among their female fans!

The most common type of chain that baseball players wear is a simple gold chain. Don’t be fooled by that name, though. The simple chain consists of a thick chain that has an interwoven design. Player Mookie Betts likes these types of chains.

Due to its thickness, it looks pretty cool. However, it can interfere with the player’s scope of vision, especially when they run at their maximum speed in order not to get caught.

Why do Baseball Players Wear Gold Chains?


Many gold chains that baseball players wear has a cross in it. Many superstitions are going on in baseball, from chewing gum, do specific routines, and others, kissing their gold chains is a way for them to feel they will do better at the game.

Along with superstition, religion is also significant in sports. Needless to say, the cross that is displayed on some players’ chains symbolize how Christ died for humanity over 2,000 years ago. One or more crosses can be worn in gold chains.

Contrary to simple gold chains, cross gold chains are smaller and lighter, which makes them a better bet when playing the sport.

However, they can break if they dive on the ground to reach the next base. The reason why large crosses are rarely used as gold chain accessories in baseball is that they can be dangerous when the players dive in.

Where Can People Find a Gold Chain Similar to Those Worn by Baseball Players?

The bad news is that you may need over 10 grand to buy one like your favorite MLB player.

Baseball Players Wear Gold Chains

The good thing is that if you have more than one amount, you can look like a professional wannabe baseball player. Their price tag is very high since most of them are custom-made by renowned jewelers.

The most straightforward way to get one is to go to a local jewelry store and have one made. Most people can’t differentiate between a hefty-priced gold chain and a low-priced one.

For this reason, a good option is to shop for one in Amazon, such as the diamond-cut chain necklace. We can find them at a reasonable price. The key here is to choose one that is as thick as the ones worn by baseball players.

Having a beautiful gold chain hanging out of your baseball uniform is something to be proud of. What the heck, it’s cool regardless.

We can find less thick gold chains for ridiculously low prices, but that won’t make you look like a professional baseball player.

However, this can be adapted if the chain has a cross in it. I can find 14K gold chains with this shape for as low as $35 online. Considering baseball players make large salaries, I’m guessing professional players wear only 24k gold chains.

Final Thoughts

Why do Baseball players wear Gold Chains? As you have seen, the foremost reason why baseball players wear gold chains is that it makes them look better. A string can also act as either a religious or superstitious item.

Given the fact that winning is very important in any sport, having a belief on an object that will increase your chances of getting ahead in the game, gold chains are good amulets for that purpose.